The Wranglers (named Roy, Bill, Jake, Pete and Joe) are the secondary antagonists of the DreamWorks' 6th full-length animated feature film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. They are a traitorous gang of cowboys who work for the Colonel.

Roy was voiced by the late Charles Napier, Bill was voiced by Richard McGonagle, Jake was voiced by Robert Cait, Pete was voiced by Adam Paul, and Joe was voiced by Matt Levin.


One night, Spirit notices a campfire nearby and investigates. There he found horses kept as slaves and the wranglers sleeping. As Spirit began sniffing into Bill's boot, he unwittingly woke up Bill, who then woke up Jake to alert him of Spirit's presence. As the two get up and prepare to subdue him, Spirit began sniffing Joe who kissed Spirit in his sleep, much to Jake and Bill's disgust. Joe suddenly woke up in shock after discovering he kissed a horse. This woke up Pete and Roy and all of the wranglers went after Spirit.

As they chased after Spirit on their horses, Spirit managed to escape them by hiding in a ditch. He appeared out of hiding after the wranglers ride past him and ran up to Joe's horse and bit Joe in the rear, knocking him off his horse. Spirit then went to his herd and alerted them that they were safe. Just then, however, the other four wranglers caught up to him. Spirit ran through them with Bill and Jake tailing him. As they were about to corner Spirit by a chasm wall, Spirit ran up the chasm and soar past the two with ease. As Spirit got away, however, Pete threw a lasso around his neck, capturing Spirit, as well as the other wranglers tossing their lassos onto him, pinning him on the ground. They then dragged Spirit away from his herd and into the desert where they were approaching a U.S. cavalry fort. Roy was seen talking to a soldier while the other four wranglers watched Spirit being dragged into their fort. The wranglers were not seen or mentioned after that.





  • There is a possibility that they are based on Frederick Benteen, Marcus Reno, Myles Keogh, and James Calhoun, based on the fact that those were four people who assisted George Armstrong Custer in fighting the Native Americans in real life, and were also previously his comrades in the Union Army during the American Civil War. However, here, there are five of them instead of four (excluding Custer).


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