Wrath-Amon is a powerful wizard and the main antagonist of Conan the Adventurer.

He was voiced by Scott McNeil.


Wrath-Amon was the leader of the Snake Cult, which consisted of Serpent Men, humanoid snakes who served the evil detity named Set. Wrath-Amon was originally a giant gila monster who was turned into a serpent man by his predecessor, Ram-Amon, as a more competant servent. So not surprisingly, Wrath-Amon turned on Ram-Amon, stole Ram-Amon's black ring of power and took over the Snake Cult, proving to be twice as evil as his "father".

Wrath-Amon made his presence known to Conan when he turned Conan's parents and grandfather to stone, and the two became bitter and aggressive enemies, with the young warrior vowing to defeat Wrath-Amon and break the spell. Wrath-Amon's goals in the series were to destroy Conan and his team, gather their star metal weapons, and use them to free Set from the Abyss; ironically, star metal was also a threat to the Snake Cult, as it could not only disrupt the spell that gave them human form, but it could also send them back to the Abyss. Wrath-Amon accomplishes his goals in the three part series finale, but was defeated when Conan destroys the black ring, freeing his parents, and reverting Wrath-Amon to his original form. He is presumed killed offscreen by Ram-Amon for his treachery against him.


Wrath-Amon is very cruel and manipulative. He is a sadistic and power-hungry wizard who takes delight in making others suffer by his own hand. He is liable to suffer from vicious mood swings and often screams out loud when his plans go wrong. Even though he is unhelpful towards anyone, his fear of Set and his power could keep him loyal and subservient to the Serpent God. He also shows intolerance of failure, whether from his own henchmen or anyone else who served him in some way, and never bluffs when he makes threats.

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