None of us are perfect. We all come with baggage.
~ Wren Kingston

Wren Kingston is a minor antagonist on the Freeform TV show Pretty Little Liars.

He was portrayed by Julian Morris.


Kingston was first engaged to Melissa Hastings, then left her for her sister, Spencer Hastings, then came back to Melissa, and eventually ended up with Alex Drake, Spencer's British twin sister. He is also believed to have known CeCe Drake's real identity before the Liars, as he is seen calling her "Charlotte" in a flashback set in season 5A, one season before Big A's reveal.

He was a recurring character in the first four seasons of the show, an unseen minor antagonist in season 5 and a guest star/minor antagonist in season 7, as he made Alex know Charlotte and didn't tell Spencer she was half-sister to Charlotte and had a twin sister after finding out, helping Alex Drake – with whom he fell in love – with A. D.'s game.

Hanna (and later Spencer) begins getting phone calls from a man with an English accent, claiming to know what she did to Archer. Paranoid that it's really Archer, Hanna and Spencer return to the place where they buried him to check if he really is dead. Digging up his grave, they discover that Archer's dead corpse is still there.

Alison is attacked by Wren as AD dressed as a cop with a mask. During the struggle, she rips the mask off her assailant, and claims to see the face of Archer Dunhill.

He was eventually killed by Alex (who also turned his ashes into a diamond) as he would not pretend she was Spencer.

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