Wrench is Sledge's general/technician and the secondary antagonist in both Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Dino Super Charge and one of final antagonists in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. He is also a supporting antagonist in the second season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers. He is responsible of the creation of Curio and the reanimation machine that resurrects fallen monsters. He is also a general under Sledge's command too.

In the finale of Dino Supercharge, he is seemingly killed with Sledge and the rest of his crew when they are sucked into a Black Hole.

In the final battle between the Rangers and Sledge's Crew, in the past, Wrench fights the Rangers (Kendall, James, Phillip and Zenowing) and Heckyl with Poisandra and the Vivixes. He is killed when Heckyl leads Sledge's Ship into the Sun.

In "Here Comes Heximas", it is revealed that Wrench tried to escape in an escape pod, but Heximas took his place.

Wrench returns in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. While his past self was destroyed at the end of Dino Super Charge, him, Sledge and Poisandra present selves survived being sucked into the black hole, ending up in the Ninja Steel universe, (the fate of Fury and Curio is unknown, but it is presumed that they are survived too). He was seen with Sledge later Poisandra and three outlaws on board the wreckage of Galvanax's Warrior Dome ship.

Later in "The Poisy Show", Wrench returns with Sledge and Poisandra, wins the Warrior Dome Ship, saves the Basher Bots survivings and reprograms them to serve Sledge and fights the Ninja Steel Rangers as well as Koda (the Dino Charge Ranger Blue). He was destroyed with Sledge, Poisandra, the rest of Galaxy Warriors and the Warrior Dome Ship by a bomb placed by Koda with Santa Claus's help.

Wrench will be finally destroyed for good with the rest of Sledge's Crew by the Power Rangers Beast Morphers.


Wrench is a competent general and has a passion for the science. He is an expert in battle, although he prefers work in his scientist projects. He is capable of managing perfectly an battle axe no problem. He can become very cowardly in battle, fleeing when things got tough or mourn when suffering minimal damage.


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