The Wu Sisters are three of the minor antagonists in Kung Fu Panda: The Game and the main antagonists of Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters.

They were all voiced by Sumalee Montano, who also voiced the Emerald Empress in Justice League vs. the Fatal Five.


The Wu Sisters are identical snow leopards having golden wearing dark black ninja-like clothing consisting of sleeveless leotards, gloves, pants, and leg wrappings.


Secrets of the Masters

The leader of the Wu sisters, Su Wu, was locked away until her sisters, Wing Wu and Wan Wu, arrived where she was imprisoned and freed her from her prison. They escaped to their volcano fortress and soon devised plans to unite the most dangerous gangs to establish a criminal empire and take over China. The Wu Sisters also destroyed a village, stealing everything from the villagers and planting their flag to show they controlled it. The Wu Sisters managed to bring all the criminals together for the meeting, but their plan was stopped by Rhino, Ox and Croc, who had worked together to defeat the leopard sisters by using their skills for a good purpose. The remaining criminals were locked up by Oogway. It is unknown what happened to them after their defeat. 

Kung Fu Panda: The Video Game

Po ended up stumbling into their base camp when he is with the Dragon Scroll in his possession. When he runs into them and asks them for directions, the Wu sisters think he is spying on their camp for his superiors and attack him.

Po manages to defeat them and claims a map that will direct him back to the Jade Palace.


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