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I got to give it a ride! No regrets!
~ Final words before Death

Wunjet is the main antagonist in episode 36 of 2017 TV series called Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. He's a Quimbaya artifacts-themed monster who is a Karō of Space Shogunate Jark Matter who ruled the Leo Minor Constellation system.

Wunjet is voiced by Motoki Takagi.


Wunjet made his first appearance on Planet Luth as he and an army of Indavers were terrorizing the citizen of the said planet as he asked the terrified citizens on where they're hiding the Kojishi Voyager named Caesar. Thankfully the mecha itself made a sneak attack on Wunjet as the Kyurangers arrived to save planet Luth from this Karo's tyranny. Now during the fight Lucky found his childhood friend/mecha as he told his teammate around the same time Wunjet has already figured out the Caesar was the mecha that he was looking for. However as soon as Lucky told Caesar to hide Wunjet used his Play Robot as he flew over the Kyurangers and fired the net as he captured Caesar and with that he open fired around him as he make his leave with Caesar in tow.

A while later in the ruins Wunjet has Caesar trapped in a cage as he tries to force this mecha to call out his "parents". As Caesar continued to plead for help both Luck and Garu along with Stinger, Champ, Hammie and Spada arrived to save the lion as they plowed through the Indavers and then transformed as they battle Wunjet. However during the fight Wunjet ran for his life as Lucky chased after him as Lucky's teammate battle against the Indavers. Once Lucky manages to catch up to Wunjet he manages to grab hold of him, but Wunjet ejects himself from his mecha as he used his own tentacle arms and smack Lucky on the head. Before Lucky gets any closer to Wunjet he does a cowardly way out if Lucky takes a step closer then Wunjet will make this robotic lion scrap and this give Wunjet the advantage as he used his mecha's sword arm as he sent out yellow lashes at Lucky followed by a round of shots that were fired from the Mecha's Gatling gun de-morphing Lucky, but before Wunjet could finish Lucky off his Grandpa came to save the day as he knocked Wunjet to the side making this alien to miss the target.

Awhile later both Lucky and his Gramps take cover as Wunjet opens fire at them while Lucky retaliates as he fired back at the alien once after that Lucky has gone Orion mode and the real battle was on as Wunjet once again open fires at Lucky, but this time however all of the bullets that Wunjet fired has miraculously missed, he then flown toward the mountain as he taunts Lucky with the trapped Caesar, but Lucky creates a portal and snatches his lion friend from the aliens grasp he then tried to fly away, but Lucky's cape manages to snatch onto the mecha's foot causing Wunjet to flown back toward Lucky as he smacks the alien and then Lucky summons the team arsenal as he sent them toward Wunjet causing the alien to deal an even more damage and after that Wunjet was down for the count by this finisher which is "All Star Crash" and "In-Finish Blast!" techniques.

However thanks to his Inro (that manage to survive the destruction) he was then enlarged prompting the team to bring out this time the Super Shishi Voyager as they battle Wunjet in the air and then they transformed the voyager into a mecha known as Super KyurenOh as they opened fire Wunjet from the ground. However Wunjet summons a squadron of Moaiders to attack the mecha, but Super KyurenOh manages to shoot every last flying saucer down from the sky. Now Wunjet want the legendary mecha for his own as he ditched the Play Robot and landed onto Super KyurenOh, but Hammie manages to knock the alien off of the mecha and after that he and his mecha were both destroyed by this finisher which is Super KyurenOh Final Break.


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