Wyatt Mathewson is the secondary antagonist of the fourth season in the television series Prison Break. He is a former military general, professional assassin, and FBI agent. He was ordered to hunt down Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows, and Sara Tancredi. He was eventually tortured and killed by Alexander Mahone as revenge for killing Mahone's son.

He was portrayed by Cress Williams.


Wyatt's role as a villain started when he tracked down and murdered James Whistler. Then he was ordered to murder Gretchen Morgan for falling to keep the Scyilla cards safe, but Wyatt prefers to keep her as a prisoner.

Later, he killed Mahone's son Cameron for not cooperating with him in capturing the Fox River Eight's remaining members, then finds out that Sara is located in Los Angeles after he kills Bruce Bennett. Wyatt then gives up an informat to Donald Self, they continued to search for Sara. Self helps him gets her location confirmation but the time they get their Sara has already escaped after trying to chase her. With the new evidence to use that Scofield is also now in Los Angeles, he turns to Agent Self once again, then killed Roland Glenn then was help captive and captured by Alex Mahone.

After Wyatt was interrogated by Mahone, he called his wife and forced Wyatt to say that he is sorry for killing Cameron. Mahone hooked him to a battery which would electrocute him and his pulse would decrease every time and a certain point. Mahone put Wyatt's hands in cinder-blocks and brought him to the harbor. Wyatt tried to convince him that they were both the same and FBI agents, but Mahone completely ignored him and pushed him down into the harbor, where he drowned.

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