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Wyler is the main antagonist from the videogame Art of Fighting 3.


Wyler was the son of a renowned scientist. His father worked with a fellow scientist to perfect an elixir, but during the development the two broke up their partnership, with the other scientist taking with him the essential data for the completion of the elixir. After this, Wyler's father became mentally ill and eventually died. Wyler always attributed his father's death to his partner.

After discovering that the daughter of his father's partner, Freia Lawrence, had the data to complete the elixir, he invites her to come to Glasshill Valley, as he believes he can now perfect the elixir. Fearing that Wyler could misuse this elixir once completed, Freia asks her childhood friend, Robert Garcia, to accompany her to Glasshill Valley. Wyler, knowing she was being accompanied by Robert, hires two private investigators, Rody Birts and Lenny Creston, to find Freia (although the two believed he wanted to find her for romantic reasons). His bodyguard, Sinclair, finds Freia and Robert first, so Wyler takes Freia away while Sinclair fights Robert.

Sinclair is defeated, but she asks Robert to stop Wyler before he can complete his elixir, believing it would drive him insane. Robert finds Freia and Wyler in the city's cemetery, but he is too late, as Wyler had already completed the elixir. Freia tries to reason with him, to no avail, as he decides to drink the elixir, turning into a muscular form and knocking Robert, deciding to kill him with his strength. Robert is helped By Yuri Sakazaki, who had come to the city with her brother Ryo to look after him, but she was hurt after fighting with Sinclair. Robert decides to fight Wyler and stop his madness.

Defeated, Wyler returns to his normal state, but the side-effects of the elixir reverts his mind into a child-like state. Not wanting to make the same mistake of her father, Freia decides to stay with Wyler and take care of him, as Robert, Ryo and Yuri bid them farewell.


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