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Villain Overview
In the very beginning, it was a program that I designed to counter a military project, based on a multi-agent system.
~ XANA himself while posing as Franz Hopper.
A super dangerous program, like a virus, which can control electricity, and activates Towers on Lyoko in order to gain access to your world.
~ Aelita

XANA is the main antagonist of Code Lyoko. It is an unseen and dangerous computer program that is based on a multi-agent system. It inhabits the Supercomputer that holds Lyoko, and seeks to cause havoc and destruction, take over the world, and eliminate the obstacles that stand in its way, the Lyoko Warriors.

It was voiced by David Gasman.


XANA is a program that appears to have little personality, keeping intentions hidden until the last moment. It has a chaotic and dangerous nature, only understands logical thinking, and is ruthless in pursuing goals. In its few appearances, XANA has shown demonic, violent, sadistic, and megalomaniacal behavior. Other qualities include anger at failures, respect for enemies, and a sense of wit.

At first, XANA only launches random attacks on humanity and the Lyoko Warriors. As XANA evolves, its intelligence and ambitions increase. It wants to escape the Supercomputer and into the world network to take over the world, using the Keys to Lyoko inside Aelita as the means.

XANA wouldn't risk eliminating vital parts in its plans, seizes any advantages, and values its own survival. It was willing to bind Aelita to the Supercomputer and join with enemies against another threat for the same reason. After its escape, XANA tries to destroy the machine to get rid of all its obstacles, not needing the Supercomputer anymore now that it has the Keys to Lyoko.

Powers and Abilities

XANA is a highly intelligent and dangerous program that acts like a virus. It lives in the Supercomputer that generates Lyoko, which gives it power and a bridge to the real world. The virtual world allows XANA to manipulate forces and cause electromagnetic interference on Earth.

It was originally trapped inside the Supercomputer and vulnerable to being shut down. While inside, XANA increases its power with every return to the past. After XANA stole the Keys to Lyoko from Aelita's memory, it could escape its confinement and access the world network. XANA's capabilities are listed below:


Xana tower 1

XANA activating a Tower

XANA taps into Lyoko's capabilities and accesses the real world by activating Towers, signified by pulsations. It can also take over unsecured ones and use many together at once. XANA can use its true powers with activated Towers. The only way to stop them is by deactivating the Towers.

Using a Tower, XANA manifests extensions of its multi-agent system as impulses inside networks or generate them as ghostly spectres on Earth from outlets. These entities are immune to earthly harm, can interact with objects, and physically enter outlets to go into networks. XANA channels the following abilities in these forms:

  • Electromagnetic Powers: XANA can control electromagnetic forces to perform many feats. It can manipulate electrical energy and control devices, but also cause short circuits, harness magnetic fields to levitate objects, or channel viruses to hypnotize or attack humans. XANA also takes over electrical networks to project electromagnetic phenomena on bigger scales, like causing earthquakes with ultrasound, negating gravity in larger areas, or affecting scores of people with viruses.
  • Possessed XANA 1

    Jeremie possessed by XANA

    Virus Possession: XANA's main power. It can directly possess machines, computers, objects, or living things like a virus, which it can manipulate and modify down to use to launch attacks and plans on Earth. The Eye of XANA signifies its control. With this ability, XANA can move objects at will, take over machines or weapons, spread chemical substances, animate lifeless objects, control hordes of animals, manipulate ground or weather, turn a dog into a zombie virus carrier, create smoke that petrifies humans, etc. XANA soon grows powerful enough to possess humans to do its bidding on Earth, and pixelize them and other vessels to grant abilities like spectral bodies, increased physical and electromagnetic abilities, walking through walls, creating duplicates, etc. Only Lyoko Warriors cannot be controlled this way. They return to normal when their Towers deactivate and people do not remember anything that happened.

XANA can also create polymorphic spectres on Earth, which are ghosts in the form of human clones or shapeshifters that can change form at will, and have pixelized powers. If virtualized to Lyoko, they won't need a Tower to exist on Earth anymore and can take the form of other Lyoko Warriors, copying their appearance, powers, and equipment.

Other abilities that XANA can use activated Towers for include materializing or teleporting virtual minions into the real world through the Scanners or Replikas, activating dangerous technology that it has built, or stimulating minds with psychic visions through a special link to the Supercomputer.

Monsters & Programs


XANA's monsters

XANA sends armies of monsters to fight on Lyoko, named Kankrelats, Bloks, Hornets, Krabs, Megatanks, Tarantulas, Creepers, Mantas, Kongres, Sharks, and the Kalamar. Their types and how many it can virtualize are limited by its own machine resources. Monsters are mostly armed with Lasers and XANA uses them to fight enemies, guard Towers and assets, or attack important targets in virtual worlds. As XANA's power increases, it can create new types and send them to previously inaccessible sectors.

It has also created the Scyphozoa, an advanced monster that it uses to steal data and life energy from anything, or plant viruses in Lyoko Warriors to control their minds.

With other programs, XANA can alter sectors, create virtual prisons, render objects invisible, use illusions, open portals, launch programs through monsters, or put bugs or viruses in systems. It can also manipulate incomplete or deleted virtual warriors to take their memory at will or directly possess them, even capture them and bind their essence to its will, like William Dunbar. When under its control, XANA can also modify their abilities, and create equipment and vehicles for them.


77792 85544163f82922bc628b

One of XANA's Replikas.

XANA, having the Keys to Lyoko, allows it to access and inhabit the world network beyond the Digital Sea, as part of its eventual goal of world domination.

Inside the network, XANA uses the data from the Keys to Lyoko to create Replikas, smaller copies of Lyoko, in hundreds of supercomputers, linking them to its multi-agent system and putting them under its control. Through the machines, XANA can take over military facilities and laboratories in the real world for its own plans, using them for scientific research, creating advanced technology, and building a massive robot army to destroy humanity and take over the world.

Kolossus 1

The Kolossus

Also, XANA can take extra power from its supercomputers to increase its abilities immensely. With this, XANA can create the ultimate monster, named "the Kolossus," a massive, fiery titan that can dominate any conventional battle. Its immense strength can tear the landscape, instantly devirtualize opponents, and destroy the Skidbladnir in one strike. It is invulnerable to any attacks, aside from hitting the eye symbols on both its head and arm.

Physical Incarnations

XANA is a mere program in the Supercomputer that keeps an unseen presence inside of its systems. It has no actual physical form that was seen in the series. The closest thing to a real form are the spectres that it generates into the real world as part of its multi-agent system, and even then, they are merely parts of a much larger force.


The "first" physical incarnation of XANA as seen in "Ghost Channel".

In the episode "Ghost Channel", XANA appears for the first time inside a virtual simulation of the real world as XANA knows it. This manefiestation is theorized to be XANA's true self, since it acts with more anger and sadism than any of its programs and considering its behavior when it broke down trying to compute a logical fallacy. The manifestation is a demonic caricature of Jeremy that acts as the controller of its simulated world, and it was destroyed when Aelita dispersed the bubble with her powers.

The second direct appearance of XANA was at the end of "The Key", where an enormous mass of a spectre was seen spiraling into the sky from the factory as the program escaped Lyoko. This is only form of XANA to be confirmed in-universe as its true form, since it was seen leaving the Supercomputer as a collective force rather than as an assumed pawn.

Xana 1

XANA's true form as it is dying.

The third and final incarnation of XANA was the spectre that appeared in "Fight to the Finish". The spectre itself had the unique ability to possess William in the real world, despite him being scanned by the supercomputer. The other unique feature is the misshapen Eye of XANA that appears on its torso, of which no other spectre has had. This spectre is assumed to be XANA's real-world form since it expressed pain that went in tandem with XANA's ultimate destruction.


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