XPlode is a powerful underworld criminal and a villain from the Hero Factory series.


XPlode was a dangerous criminal from the underworld who was wanted on many planets throughout the galaxy. He constantly confronted the heroes made to protect the galaxy. He was also known to work with fellow criminal Rotor. Years later, the duo came across a former hero named Von Ness who renamed himself as Von Nebula and he recruited them in his quest for vengeance against Hero Factory. Later, XPlode and Rotor traveled to Merak 9 to steal C-4000 explosives, but Stormer, Bulk, and Stringer arrived to defeat them. When the villains refused to concede, XPlode hopped on a speeder bike and made his escape, leaving Rotor finish off the Heroes. Rotor eventually caught up with him and they escaped Merak. Later, XPlode and Rotor traveled to Lemus 2 a raided an explosives plant. However, Stormer, and rookies Furno, Surge, and Breez arrived to stop the villains. XPlode easily defeated Stormer and fought Surge while Rotor fought Furno. Surge defeated XPlode by elctrocuting him while Furno defeated and captured Rotor, but XPlode quickly took advantage of the situation and escaped a second time while Rotor was taken into custody. Later, XPlode participated in an attack on New Stellac City with Corroder, Meltdown, and Thunder on Von Nebula's orders. However, Hero Factory arrived to stop them and Von Nebula. Stormer and Furno went after Von Nebula while Stringer, Surge, Breez, and Bulk fought the four villains. XPlode was defeated by by Bulk during battle and captured. After Stormer and Furno defeated Von Nebula, XPlode and his mn were taken into custody and incarcerated.

Abilities and Traits

XPlode accepted jobs only when they appeared to present a significant challenge, as he was already very wealthy. He is an extremely skilled criminal, but he is cautious and knows his limits well, and would not run into a trap intentionally prior to thinking it over or fight a battle he could not win. XPlode is also impatient and bad-tempered, often questioning the decisions of his employers or superiors.


XPlode's weaponry includes a Meteor Blaster and Explosive Spikes lining his body that can be fired at his enemies like mini-rockets. He also carries a large spiked club.


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