Xaffiquel is the main antagonist of the doujin shoot 'em up Kamui, which is chronologically the third and final installment of the Tale of Alltynex trilogy.


Xaffiquel de Alice was once a brilliant scientist, whose studies led him to create the "Xaffiquel Theory", which allowed him to develop brain fusion technology to create powerful, sentient weapons. He used people with psychic abilities and carried out inhuman experiments on them at the behest of the military. He eventually discovered his own daughter, Panafill de Alice, possessed psychic abilities, and when the military learned of this they immediately enlisted her into the project, being implanted in one of the Kamui fighters.

Struck with grief and hate at the loss of his beloved daughter, Xaffiquel goes insane and declares war on all of humanity. He transfers his own mind to the Mechanized Temple and becomes The Adjudicator, the ultimate weapon of destruction, waiting for humanity to rebuild it's civilization to exact his Divine Retribution upon them. Centuries after the war against the Raiwat had ended and human civilization recovered, Xaffiquel awakens and signals a key to the Neural Nest to fully reactivate the Adjudicator and resume his plans to annihilate humanity. The key was Kamui itself. However, when he transplanted his daughter's brain into the Kamui fighter, he allowed her to retain her consciousness. The lone Kamui fighter controlled by Alice's mind flies off and battles the Neural Nest's forces, eventually destroying the computer for good. She eventually destroys Adjudicator in an emotional final battle, putting her father out of his misery and saving humanity.



Kamui (Siter Skain) Stage 6 (Final boss)

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