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Xalanyn. A species previously uncatalogued. Xalanyn. A problem that must be solved.
~ One of 117649 Despondent Pyre's audio logs.

The Xalanyn, also known as the Endless, are upcoming antagonists of Halo franchise.

They are a mysterious species that were deemed by the Forerunners to be even more dangerous than the Flood and sealed within Installation 07. Thanks to the efforts of the Harbinger and the Banished, the species were set free during the conflict at the installation.



The Xalanyn were at some point encountered by the Forerunners in the ancient past. They were not catalogued by the Forerunners, who deemd them to be even more dangerous than the Flood because of their attempts to "control time". The Forerunners would seal them in the cylixes inside Installation 07.

Installation 07 conflict

After The Banished seized control of Installation 07, the Harbinger was able to free herself by forcing a human prisoner of war the Banished had taken to interface with her Cylix. Determined to free the rest of her species, the Harbinger formed an alliance with Escharum, agreeing to help the Banished repair the Zeta Halo in exchange for their assistance in freeing the rest of her species.

While the Harbinger was later killed by Master Chief, before she died she was able to set in motion her species' release. Atriox, warmaster of the Banished, would later unseal a large collection of cylixes containing Xalanyn.


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