Once you are gone, eternal life will be mine!
~ Xande, when the Warriors of light confronted him.

Xande is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy III. He is a sorcerer who seeks eternal life.


Xande is a powerful wizard and a tall shirtless man dressed in magnificent clothing including a huge dark cape and his skin is darkly grey. He also wields different sceptres and staffs which he uses in battle and to unleash his magical powers. He also sometimes wears red gloves.


Final Fantasy III

Xande is a powerful wizard who was one of the three disciples of the Great Magus Noah. When Noah passed away, he gave each of his three disciples a part of his power: to Doga he gave his magical powers; to Unei he gave the guardship of the Dream World; and to Xande he gave mortality.

Xande was very displeased with his gift, deciding to absorb the power of the light crystals in order to freeze the time completely, which would make him immortal. He managed to freeze time in the surface, but the floating continent become unaffected. However, his spell caused a great unbalance between light and darkness (in favor of darkness), which fueled a series of evil beings, who started to wreak havoc in the floating continent.

Even when his spell was broken by the Light Warriors, darkness was still in great advantage, so the chaos spread on the surface as well.

When the Warriors of Light manage to dispel the tide of darkness, they confront Master Xande in the Crystal Tower. He has managed to drain all the crystals now, but the tide of darkness has not returned. Though Xande catches them with the Curse of the Five Wyrms, the Warriors are rescued by the appearances of five pure souls. Without any more tricks to use, Xande fights the Warriors of Light and is killed, but his actions have had an unknown side effect. By creating such a huge imbalance in light and darkness, the Cloud of Darkness appears, revealing she was commanding Xande all along and wanting to return everything to nothingness.

Xande is mentioned by a Gulgan in Replito when it is stated that someone is attempting to create an imbalance of light and darkness, not knowing that this will destroy the world.

Final Fantasy XIV

He appears as the boss of the Crystal Tower dungeon's storyline, based on Final Fantasy III.


Xande is selfish, egocentric and arrogant. He is also very sneaky and as Theatrhythm says he did not appreciate the gift that Noah entrusted him.


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