Jordi molla
I just want to leave a little goodbye gift.
~ Xavier Heimdahl

Xavier Heimdahl is the main antagonist of the action thriller film Criminal. He is the wealthy owner of a computer company who is secretly a terrorist mastermind.

He was portrayed by Jordi Mollà, who also portrayed Santana and Johnny Tapia.


At the beginning of the film Jill Pope hides the bag in the bible book between the Howard Phillips Lovecraft books in the meantime Jill and enters the bus to deliver the skittles to the Dutchman, Jill flees in the car but is trapped in a lane kidnapped and tortured by Heimendahl with cables Electric after Heimendahl puts him in cables and tortures him to kill him.

After Jill Muore makes his brain transplant successful by putting Jill's mind into Jericho, a criminal who has no capacity to know and want because of a brain disorder that is small enough for that and a criminal Aggressive and does not understand good between evil.

After Heimendahl from the task of stealing the USB key so that he can control the missiles and destroy the cities and conquer the world is going to retrieve the bag in the library the usb want us to deliver it to the dutch by modifying it after brutalment and pity spy. After Heimendahl sadically threatens to kill his daughter and Jill / Jericho's wife with the gun if he does not hand him the usb key.

After delivering it to Heimendahl and flee by plane Heimendahl activates the key in the plane but the redirected missile does not and kiiling him.

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