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It kills on sight and is generally unpleasant.
~ Andrews, about the Dog Alien.

Xenomorph Runners (also called Runners) are alternate breeds of Xenomorphs that birthed from quadrupedal hosts. 

The most infamous Runners, whom called The Dragon, serves as the main antagonist of Alien 3. Inherently, it wanted to kill everything in correctional unit at Fiorina 161. Once having Ripley on its mercy, it spare her so the embryo Queen inside her would erupts and creating another new hive on the planet.

Alien 3

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The Runner on all fours.

The Runners had all the typical characteristics of a Xeno, however their physiology was different in a way that allowed it to move faster than the average Warrior or Drone. In particular, they had a preference for walking on all fours and their legs were shaped in a more digitigrade way for this purpose. Dog host-based Runners lacked the dorsal tubes and spines of its warrior cousins and as a chestburster it was born with all of its limbs.

When a Runner is far enough away from a target, it can lunge toward it at tremendous velocity. The Runner commonly leaps at its victim's neck, which it strikes viciously on impact. This causes damage that is often unexpectedly severe from a creature of the Runner's size.

While all Xenomorphs have an aversion to fire, Dog Aliens are particularly affected by it. The heat causes them to expand internally and explode, showering nearby enemies with damage shrapnel.

Thanks to its abnormally high-output metabolism, Xenomorph Runner can conjures images of a rapid terrestrial cheetah - but one that never tires and can leap onto prey with the force of a sledgehammer.

Other Appearance

AVP: Extinction

In Alien Vs. Predator: Extinction video game, Xenomorphs Runners serves as the scout unit of Xenomorph Hive. Their primary function is to explore the areas both around the hive and battlefield to search the potential hosts' territory so other xenomorph units can be prepared well for their hunt in the runners' explored area. Xenomorph Runners can also produces spores like some Xenomorph breeds in the game which not only capable to detect organic foes, but also functions as some kind of organic tracker device so it's fellow Xenomorphs can easily tracking the escaping hosts. It's volatile skulls also made the creature perfect for the kamikaze attack against enemies whom armed with heat-based weapons like flamethrowers.

When Runners upgraded, they develops a large number of subcutaneous stinger-tipped venom sacs across its extremities. On contact with a victim, the stingers inject high concentrations of Alien spores that multiply in sufficient quantity to turn bodily fluids black and soupy, sickening and nauseating the host organism in the process. This ability is highly useful to weakened the formidable hosts' fighting capability so it's fellow Xenomorphs can both track and weakened the said hosts without much problem.

The Runner has an unusually high speed metabolism that enables it to heal at truly astounding rates. This regeneration does not occur when the Runner is being attacked, as its body must cope with the internal system shock produced by penetrating wounds. This coping period is short, however, after which biological repair happens so quickly that it is observable with the human eye.

The drawbacks of the xenomorph runner are it's lack of exoskeleton unlike the warriors and it's claws less effective against durable armor. Radioactive materials can also hindered it's regenerative capabilities as well.

To create Runners, the required hosts are Kurns and Kriltics.

Aliens: Ice Storm

Lance Bishop returns from his reconnaisance mission to the Xenomorph-infested dome at Terraform 3's lunar base badly damaged and his left arm totally severed. He reports that the Rhino Xenomorphs there are totally impervious to both gunfire and flame, but suggest another course of action. He is hard-wired into a Power Loader retrofitted with weaponry, including a freeze jet. After shattering the roof of the dome to allow the freezing exterior atmosphere inside, Bishop immobilizes Rhino Xenomorphs with his freeze weaponry while ATAX dons his Bio-Boost Disguise Armor and heads into the Hive to rescue the colonists. Once inside the nest, ATAX destroys the Queen, her Eggs and her royal guard, before rescuing the cocooned colonists. The survivors reunite with the colonists' daughter, the Alien infestation on Terraform 3 and its surrounding bases finally checked.

Aliens: Showdown

While enjoying some down time at a Wild West-themed colony, the Space Marines are found by a local cattle rancher who tells them of a lucky scape from a xenomorph born from one of his livestock. The Bovine Xenomorph arrives and destroys the rancher's vehicle, and shrugs off all the firepower the Marines can throw at it, but is ultimately killed when Corporal Hicks detonates the destroyed vehicle's fuel cell with his rocket launcher, incinerating the creature. Realizing the Bovine Xenomorphs are susceptible to fire, the Marines load up on flamethrowers and head out to destroy the rest.

Aliens: Stampede

The Space Marines head for a settlement that has failed to respond to warnings of Xenomorph infestation following the Bovine Xenomorph rampage, a definite sign of trouble. Sure enough, upon arrival they are attacked by a herd of Bovine xenomorphs. They cut through the malicious creatures with flamethrowers, and set off in pursuit of those that flee. They track the Xenomorphs to a nearby ranch, where Bishop's sensors detect more than 50 of the creatures within. With little alternative, Lt. Ripley leads the Space Marines inside to confront the creatures.

Aliens: Fireball

Continuing where Stampede left off, marines have tracked the remaining Bovine Xenomorphs on Earth Colony Terraform 3 to a ranch, the marines head inside to eliminate the creatures. The squad discovers a Power Loader before being confronted by the remaining Bovine Xenomorphs and their Queen. Marines open fire with their flamethrowers, but are forced to retreat outside when the automated sprinkler systems activates and puts out the flames. Marines then realize that Lt. Ripley is no longer with them. The surviving marines are surrounded outside by the creatures and seem doomed when suddenly Ripley reappears in the Power Loader and joins battle with the Queen. The Marines regroup and prepare to finish of the creatures once and for all.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

The Crusher, also known as the Charger, is a Xenomorph caste that was encountered by Colonial Marines from the USS Sephora on Acheron (LV-426). Its most notable features are its large head crest, which is said to be completely bulletproof, and its tendency to charge towards preys to inflict massive blunt force trauma. It acts as something of a heavy unit for the Xenomorphs, able to bust up even armored vehicles with some success.

They have been seen in various sizes, but are always considerably larger than common Warriors counterparts, standing around 10 feet tall when on all fours. The Crusher's head is topped with a thick, bony crest, larger even than on some Queens, that it lowers into a vertical position before charging its target like a bull. This crest is incredibly strong enough to repel most forms of gunfire (including even the M56 Smartgun), and when lowered into the charging position it effectively shields the Crusher's more vulnerable body from frontal damage. The force that the Crusher can impart with its charging attack is so tremendous that the attack propels an M577 APC sideways some good distance, or throw an individual Marine several meters through the air (no doubt every bones in her/his body are shattered).

However, this unique mode of assault leaves the Xenomorph virtually with many blind spots and dead angles whilst charging, meaning it is often unable to alter its course should its target move out of the line of attack. Furthermore, if an aggressor is agile enough to sidestep around a charging Crusher (not an easy feat but doable), its less resilient body will subsequently be exposed and left vulnerable. Even so, the creature is still incredibly tough, able to soak up significant amounts of damage before dying.

However, a P9 Sonic Harpoon Artillery Remote Projectile Rifle can be used to kill a Crusher. A full magazine of ammo (10 harpoons) shot at a Crusher's weak spot (its back) is enough to kill the beast. Unlike most Xenomorphs that can stand on two legs, the Crusher is only able to run on all fours.



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