The Xenophobic Man was a supervillain from Marvel comics and an enemy of the USAgent.


Fred Bouting was a member of the US Border Patrol. His brother was killed in a Beirut marine bombing, after which his own fiance, a Chicano, dumped him a week before their wedding. He developed an intense hatred for those who tried to sneak into America. Donning a disguise, he began ambushing and killing people as they tried to cross the border.

The US government sent the USAgent to stop the killings when the conventional law failed to do so.

Bouting was on switchboard when Father Grass reported a planned illegal crossing, hoping the Border Patrol could protect them from the Xenophobic Man.

The Xenophobic Man slew several adult Mexicans attempting to cross the Rio Grande, but was stopped by the USAgent before he could kill the children accompanying them. He escaped while the USAgent took the children to safety, claiming to have overslept when he showed up late for work.

The Xenophobic Man slaughtered the children the USAgent had saved. He forced a nurse to tell him the location of the Sanctuary Movement before killing her as well.

The Xenophobic Man assaulted the Sanctuary Movement, killing several. When the USAgent arrived he managed to slash his calf, before having the rifle and knife knocked out of his hands by the USAgent's shield. He managed to make it up the stairs, confronting Father Grass and shooting him in the leg while accusing him of betraying America. He tried to hold off the USAgent by threatening the priest.

The Xenophobic Man shot out the base of a cross, forcing the USAgent to save the priest, but he still managed to use his shield to deflect Bouting's bullets until his gun was empty. The USAgent shattered Bouting's helmet, savagely beat him, and was on the verge of decapitating of the killer, but Grass stopped him. As the USAgent freed a Mexican girl pinned under the immense cross, Bouting targeted him with his spare rifle. However, Hitchuck arrived in time to save him by shooting Bouting through the head, killing him.