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Xie is an antagonist of Fist of the North Star.


A crab asura that fights using his skill style, the Kōga Dansui using two metal claws. He is accompanied by other men hiding in the sand with eyeglasses similar to those of their leader Xie and will try to lure them to their Kenshiro trap, but they are all easily swept away and Xie is lured into his murdered trap. At the end of the fight in the manga, every quote ends obsessively but says the word "Crab".


In Anime, the fight is completely different and Xie fights alone without his thugs against Rock and kills several villagers before fighting and meeting his end against Kenshiro. He is killed when Kenshiro makes him break the thousand pieces and makes him explode.


Not much is known about Xie, but he showed himself to be hungry because he wanted to eat Rock and his band but he could not.


Xie fights using the Kōga Dansui using two large metal claw and good at hiding underground and creating traps and very resistant to gunshots thanks to the armor except the missile launcher that destroyed his armor.


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