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Thank you, Sora's heart, for pushing him right into our clutches. Aren't hearts great? Steer us wrong every time.
~ Xigbar mocking Sora.
I had a role to play. And after all these years, it's done.
~ Xigbar to the Foretellers about his actions.

Xigbar, the Freeshooter, is the second member of Organization XIII and the secondary antagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, acting as one of the secondary antagonists of Kingdom Hearts II , Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and a major antagonist in Kingdom Hearts III.

Though his history with Sora was short, Xigbar had a much longer history with Master Xehanort and Keyblades in general as he saw Sora to be nothing compared to three Keyblade users he encountered through his original self Braig ages ago. Kingdom Hearts III reveals that he is the current vessel of Luxu, one of the Master of Masters' apprentices (alongside the Foretellers) from Kingdom Hearts χ. He reclaims his Keyblade after Xehanort's defeat and summons his fellow Foretellers.

He is voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka (who also voiced Hades in Kid Icarus, Tokushirou Tsurumi in Golden Kamuy, Hol Horse in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Ziggy in Edens Zero, Howard X Miller in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yazan Gable in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Metastacia in Bleach, and Tubalcain Alhambra in Hellsing) in Japanese and James Patrick Stuart (who also played Johnny Quick in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Dick Roman in Supernatural, Ocean Master in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Scavenger in 2013's Tomb Raider, and Petercorn in The Powerpuff Girls) in English


Before Xigbar

Braig, before his injuries caused by Terra.

Luxu was an apprentice to the Master of Masters. One day, before the Master disappeared, he bequeathed Luxu a Keyblade engraved with his Gazing Eye and instructed him to pass the Keyblade on from apprentice to apprentice. However, Luxu was also ordered to keep watch over the Keyblade until a fated "Dark Master" appears to reenact the Keyblade War, passing his heart from body to body. Eventually, Luxu discovered this Dark Master, Master Xehanort, and decided to ally with Xehanort in order to see the Keyblade War through and reunite with the Foretellers.

As his final vessel, Braig, Luxu works as an apprentice of Ansem the Wise in Radiant Garden, and poses as a braggart seeking the Keyblade's power to join Xehanort's side. Braig is offered the ability to use a Keyblade in return for his help in convincing Terra to use the powers of darkness. However, using a staged kidnapping to their advantage, Braig ends up being scarred in the resulting fight with his left eye permanently damaged. After Terra left, a furious Braig attempts to shoot Xehanort from behind for his injuries. But Braig is put in his place as Xehanort tells him they need to make Terra succumb to the darkness while performing his end of their pact. After fighting Aqua in the Keyblade Graveyard to give Xehanort time for his plan to come together, receiving a venomous flare from Ventus he never forgot, Braig fled back to Radiant Garden where he brought Ansem the Wise to Xehanort, now having possessed Terra.

Sometime later, the amnesiac Xehanort begins working as an apprentice under Ansem. Braig approaches him and is dismayed to find that he does not recognize him, and Braig's attempts to help Xehanort remember prove only to annoy him. Braig nevertheless says in a friendly manner that he's got Xehanort's back, having been entrusted with Master Xehanort's back-up plan to use Ansem's research to devise a means of mind control. But in the process, they end up introducing Heartless to the Realm of Light. Sometime soon after, finding Xehanort with his previous incarnation's Keyblade, Braig asked if he is truly Master Xehanort before his heart was removed from his body. However, having a strong will, Braig's Nobody Xigbar came into being and became Xemnas's number II in the newly formed Organization XIII.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Xigbar appears for the first time chronologically in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Present when Xion joins the Organization, he is shocked when his seemingly good friend, Demyx, reveals the annihilations that took place at Castle Oblivion. Later joining Roxas on a recon mission to Agrabah, they overhear Aladdin and Jasmine discussing the rebuilding of their city after many sandstorms strike. The Freeshooter later challenges Roxas at Olympus Coliseum when he first enters the Games, claiming to "care about his future" after the defeat of a Guard Armor at Roxas' hand. Xigbar later discussed the defaulting Xion with Xemnas and Saix in Where Nothing Gathers, later challenging "Poppet" himself in Wonderland. Xigbar then sees Xion as Ventus, and Xion is able to quickly strike Xigbar down with the power she was unknowingly sapping from Roxas.

Kingdom Hearts II

Appearance at Hollow Bastion

Not long after arriving in Hollow Bastion and reuniting with Aerith, Leon and Yuffie, Sora engaged a number of Dusk Nobodies in battle around the city. After being led away from the main town, Sora, Goofy and Donald heard voices mocking them, but could find no source for them. After Sora demands that they show themselves, the remaining Organization members (having lost five members due to deaths and two others due to desertion) materialize, laughing. Though they are hooded, they are recognizable as the Organization from the description given to Sora and his companions by Yen Sid. The Organization eventually departs, but Xigbar, still cloaked and hooded, stays behind to taunt Sora further, making them feel anxious about the power of the Organization. He also openly compares the similarities between a look Sora gives him and one given to him by Ventus; Sora dismisses this as random banter meant to confuse him. Xigbar then leaves, staying out of Sora's way for a very long time.

The Land of Dragons

Sora encounters Xigbar again in at the gates to the Emperor's throne room in The Land of Dragons. Having encountered another hooded man and suspected him to be his missing friend Riku, Sora inquires if he is the same person. Xigbar removes his hood, revealing otherwise and remarking that he had never heard of anyone named Riku. Xigbar summons his Snipers to distract Sora while he escapes. The diversion works, although the Nobodies were defeated, and Xigbar is able to continue his mission of summoning a enormous Heartless to harvest hearts for the Organization's plans. He manages to set the Storm Rider on the city, but it is soon destroyed by Sora, Mulan, Donald and Goofy.

The World That Never Was

Xigbar's final appearance in the game is in The World That Never Was, inside Organization XIII's stronghold. After Riku and Naminé helped Kairi to escape from the Organization, they head for the Hall of Empty Melodies, a large, open-air room leading further up into the castle. Sora and his party arrive there, but are stopped by Saïx, who calls out swarms of Shadows and a few Armored Knight Heartless to attack the intruders. Maleficent and Pete also arrive, expressing interest in taking the Organization's castle for themselves. Eventually, Maleficent and Pete leave to formulate a plan for taking the castle, and Saïx heads up to rejoin Xemnas. Sora and Kairi remain separated as Riku and Kairi remain above Sora on a balcony, fighting off the Heartless gathered there. Many Heartless attack Sora as well, but they are all dispatched in a sudden rain of arrows from a hidden Xigbar. He walks into view, and asks if Sora has been a good boy mockingly, echoing the words from his first encounter with Sora. He states how Sora put the Organization in a "pickle", and he supposes that was the reason the Keyblade chose him. He also makes a very cryptic remark on how he wasn't "half the hero the others were". Sora simply takes it as an attempt to throw him off. Xigbar then engages Sora in battle, referring to him as "Roxas" and expressing anger at him for betraying the Organization. Ultimately, he is defeated and begins to fade into the darkness. Before he disappears, Sora asks him why he called him "Roxas", to which Xigbar merely responds, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix contains several additional cutscenes of Organization XIII's activity. One shows a conversation at an unknown time between Xigbar and Zexion, with Xigbar having recently returned from finding new members for the Organization (including Marluxia, whom he mentions as a new recruit) while Zexion and Vexen were discussing Xemnas' visit to the Chamber of Repose. Xigbar expressed his knowledge about the events of Keyblade warriors that appeared before they found Xehanort. He also talked about his eavesdropping on Xemnas during his visits to the Chamber of Repose, and how he seemed to be conversing with someone that wasn't really there.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Summoned by Young Xehanort, due to being "half-Xehanort", Xigbar is made a member of the True Organization XIII and aided in baiting Sora into their trap.

Kingdom Hearts III

Xigbar returns in Kingdom Hearts III as a major villain.

Xigbar first appears in Olympus mocking Sora and his company, toying with his mind as usual before uncharacteristically encouraging Sora not to change who he is and seek to restore the hearts connected to his. In that same world, he observes Maleficent and Pete digging up Pandora's Box, mistaking it for the Black Box from the age of fairy tales. Once Maleficent realizes it's not the right box, both leave. Xigbar, seemingly disappointed it was not the Black Box, begins to recite the old saying "May your heart be your guiding key", though the scene cuts after the first few words.

Xigbar gets nervous when Luxord figures out his secret with the Black Box.

However in the remind DLC the scene continues with Luxord appearing to confront him using a riddle, Xigbar tells Luxord to do his tasks but Luxord simply reminds Xigbar that he is always carrying out his orders from his higher ups but also states he cant help himself but observe his opponents strategies. he further asks him why the Black box is suddenly important to the Organization and if it was either Xemnas and Xehanort who gave out the order. Luxord quickly rules out Xehanort stating he only cares about the clash between the seven lights and thirteen darknesses and as such having little interest in the black box. Leaving Xemnas and the one who informed Luxord of his task Xigbar him self. Xigbar denies informing him of task stating it was Xemnas that gave him his task. However Luxord states his inquires suggested otherwise causing Xigbar to get nervous figuring out that Luxord asked Xemnas of the box. Luxord begins to question of his intentions with the box, Xigbar lies to him stating he does not know what is inside the box but states he heard the it contains important secrets of past Keyblade wielders when Luxord asks him where did he hear about this Xigbar continues to lies to him stating he does not know. Beginning to be suspicious of Xigbar, Luxord throws a card to him which Xigbar catches. Luxord begins to interrogate him further stating that he is in a rush to secure it before others such as Maleficent and Pete find it to keep his secret connection to the black box from those around him he finally asks him who his real identity was. When Xigbar refuses to answer aside from glaring at him, Luxord lets his guard down stating it doesnt matter to him altogether, he states he will continue to pretend to feign ignorance before he teleports away. After this, Xigbar asks aloud who Luxord's true identity was.

Xigbar appears again with Xemnas and Ansem overlooking Twilight Town, warning them not to underestimate Sora as he has done some damage to their plans in the past and could easily do it again.

During a meeting with some of the Organization members, Larxene reveals Xigbar is the driving force behind the Organization's search for the Black Box, though none of the others seem to know what's inside of it as according to her Xigbar refuses to tell anyone about the black box.

Once the fated battle at the Keyblade Graveyard finally arrives, Xigbar appears with Dark Riku on two different occasions first he walks by Dark Riku's side after the former taunts his counterpart, telling Riku that he was making sure he want on the path toward a second failure amd informs the guardians if they have what it takes against they Organization they will have to prove it Xehanort one final time, he then turns to Dark Riku telling him to "take it away" before disappearing, he later joins Dark Riku and Ansem against Riku and Sora at the Trail of Valediction. After fighting Sora and Riku, Xigbar, seemingly defeated, reveals to them his motivation for working with Master Xehanort was the promise of wielding his own Keyblade. Sora and Riku rebuke the idea of Xigbar being worthy of a Keyblade, and Xigbar, laughing at the irony, teleports to the top of the labyrinth and seemingly falls to his death. His weapons subsequently also disappear as well giving the implication of his demise.

After Xehanort's defeat, a still-alive Xigbar retrieves Xehanort's Keyblade and summons four of the Foretellers. Revealing himself to be their erstwhile companion Luxu, Xigbar explains what happened in the later years. Watching from afar was Maleficent and Pete whom seemingly gave up their search of the black box.


Prior to becoming Xigbar, Braig wore a guard's uniform with a dark slate grey jacket with pointed shoulders, silver highlights, and two rows of gold buttons on the front. He wears a black belt and white gloves adorned with a silver, curled heart symbol. He also wears black, knee-high boots and a tattered, red scarf. In terms of facial features, Braig sports brown eyes, though they turn gold upon his acceptance of the darkness, upturned eyebrows, and dark, shoulder-length hair that he wears slicked back. After his fight against Terra, he loses his right eye and receives a jagged scar over his left cheek. Once he is able to take the bandages off, infused with a piece of Master Xehanort's heart, Braig becomes to resemble his benefactor more with his remaining eye become golden-pupiled and having pointed, elf-like ears.

After losing his heart, Xigbar's dark hair gains several grey streaks and is tied into a long ponytail. Xigbar wears the usual Organization garb of the Black Coat, black boots, and black gloves, though his cloak is distinguishable by more pointed shoulders and the fact that it sags at his shoulders. The sleeves of his cloak are also somewhat closer-fitting than normal, though not as close as Axel's.


Like his original self, Xigbar has a laid-back and taunting attitude, and likes to annoy Sora to put him off-guard, though with limited success. When not on missions, he occasionally enjoys eavesdropping on his fellow Organization members. He relies heavily on instinct rather than on intelligence for both decision-making and fighting, making him adaptable and unpredictable in battle. He also has a habit of saying, "As if". Along with Axel, Larxene, and Demyx, he acts as the Organization's comic relief due to his frequent sarcasm and wise cracks.

Xigbar is probably the most wise-cracking of them all as unlike Axel and Larxene who know when to be serious (Demyx having his comic relief due to his klutzy persona). Xigbar never breaks character and even during battle he still makes sarcastic comments. He also uses nicknames for the other members on occasions, calling Roxas "kiddo" or "tiger" in the Grey Area and on various missions, calling Xion "Poppet" in the Grey Area, and once calling Axel "Flamesilocks" near the end of 358/2 Days, when he talks to Roxas about the outcome of the "Ven incident".

Despite his high rank, he is not given high authority like Saïx or Marluxia but instead is sent on missions and confrontations with Sora. Considering his personality, it may be simply that Xigbar prefers field work to a more administrative position. Along with most of the Organization, he considers Roxas to be a traitor. He seems to support this view more than any other Organization member as he's the only one who states it in his battle quotes. In fact when the battle begins he remarks, "You really shouldn't have betrayed us!".





  • Xigbar, along with Xaldin, was the member who found and brought Marluxia into the Organization.
  • Xigbar along with Xion are the only members of real Organization XIII to survive the Keyblade War as Xigbar simulates his "death" in order to fulfill his role as Luxu and retrieve the Black Box and Xion simply defects to the guardians of Light once Roxas calling from Sora's heart helps her regain her memories and returns to help his friends, not counting Terra-Xehanort who Terra with the help of Sora manages to expel Xehanort's heart from his body allowing Terra to become himself again.


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