Xolotl is from Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. He serves as the first villain.


Xolotl was the Aztec God of both lightning and death. During the ancient period of Mayan civilization, Xolotl was worshiped by the Mayan people. There was even an army of Mayan warriors at Xolotl's disposal. Despite the glory that Xolotl received, he wasn't fully satisfied. He wanted to rule the entire Earth without being opposed by anyone. For Xolotl's desire to come true, he decided to plunge the entire Earth into eternal darkness. Xolotl built a Temple of Darkness as his base of operations.

The Aztec Guardian of light, Totec, discovered Xolotl's agenda. He resolved to prevent Xolotl's conquest from happening. By leading an army of good warriors, Totec managed to destroy Xolotl's evil army. Totec then imprisoned Xolotl into the Temple of Light. A relic called the Mirror of Smoke was placed in the temple. It was used to prevent Xolotl from escaping his prison.

Milleniums later, famed archeologist Lara Croft was exploring the Temple of Light. She managed to find the Mirror of Smoke. Lara was followed by warlord Vasco who wanted the mirror. He found the mirror and removed it despite Lara's protests. As a result, Xolotl was released from his eternal imprisonment. Xolotl's first action was to slaughter Vasco along Vasco's mercenaries. The event awoke Totec from his centuries of sleep. Before Totec could do anything, Xolotl managed to escape from his imprisonment.

Xolotl still plotted to plunge the Earth into eternal darkness. He managed to assemble a new legion of warriors. At the same time, Lara and Totec joined forces to stop Xolotl and his plot. Xolotl sent his new warriors to stop Totec and Lara. The duo managed to annihilate every warrior before continuing their mission to stop Xolotl. They traced Xolotl's to his old temple and engaged him in an epic battle.

After the battle ended, Totec imprisoned Xolotl in the mirror again. Lara returned to the Temple of Light. After bidding farewell, Totec returned to his position as guardian of the mirror. He would reawaken if the mirror was ever moved again. To this day, the mirror remains undisturbed.


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