Xtacle on the left and Deceptacle on the right.

The Xtacles are Awesome-X's band of hetero-questionable, death prone, excitable, mercenary super soldiers. They see Awesome-X as a cool, friendly boss and are eager to please him. They are extremely violent and tend to have a high mortality rate. Although individual members of the group are often referred to by name (Mike, Fat Mike, New Fat Mike, Clint, Cliff, etc.), the Xtacles tend to have very similar (or often the same) voice. The Xtacles also have a tendency to be easily distracted from their objectives, and are very prone to suggestion. Their trademark catchphrase is the exclamation "Boosh!"

All the Xtacles have a remote-controlled explosive device in their helmets, which Stan later uses to blackmail them into finding Xander Crews when he goes missing. At first Xander does not realize that they are men in power armor and instead believes them to be robots. This unfortunately results in one of their deaths when he tries to take him apart and power him on in a flashback during season two. Multiple characters assume control of the Xtacles at various times, including Stan, Sinn, and Valerie. The Xtacles change their name to the "Deceptacles", and begin wearing black armor instead of red, when Sinn takes command. During this period they also create a theme song for themselves that parodies the Transformers theme -- "Deceptacles! More than you bargained for!"


Ronnie (voiced by Adam Reed) is an Xtacle of ambiguous sexuality who speaks with a heavy Slavic accent. He has a homoerotic fixation with Xander Crews. The Xtacles commonly refer to Ronnie's desire to rape. Ronnie spends the majority of his screen time pantless as the bottom half of his armored suit was stolen by Xander Crews when he attempted to rape him. In a bit of cruel irony, Ronnie was apparently crushed to death by a gigantic pair of Haggar pants in episode 208 after saving Xander's and Wendell's lives. He uses the final seconds of his life wishing he had seen Hannah Montana, and then bleeds to death once the pants are lifted off of him.

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