Y'Androgg was an alien giant from Marvel comics and an enemy of the Olympian gods as well as the Thing.


Krokarr, Manduu, and Y'Androgg were all members of a race of giants which came from a star located in the same dimension as Olympus. The trio stealthily invaded Olympus while its gods were suffering from the after-effects of over-celebration during the Spring Festival. The giants banished most of the gods, binding Zeus in the Tower of the Sun, and severely devastated much of Olympus. Y'Androgg

Y'Androgg was sleeping in an Olympian castle when Hercules and the Thing invaded. Y'Androgg pelted the pair with giant fruits but was unable to catch the smaller invaders. When they fled into their pegasus-pulled chariot he leapt after them but missed, and fell several hundred feet to the cliff face below. Injured but alive, he could only watch while the pair departed to go to rescue the Olympians.