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Yop Yop!
~ Yaap Yaap's catchphrase and the only word he can say

Yaap Yaap was a creature who grew from a pimple on Billy's back after drinking Granny Grim's potion to heal his stomachache after eating too much junk food. He is the main antagonist of the The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Grim & Evil episode, "Billy's Growth Spurt". He makes his only appearance in that episode.

He was voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz.


He originally started out as a pair of eyeballs and a mouth, until Billy fed him and he grew more and more. With each growth spurt, he grew to resemble Billy more and more until he was strong enough to detach from him. He resembled Billy in appearance except he was very small, bald and naked.


He seems to be dimwitted then intended the only words he says is, "Yop Yop!" which he earned him that name, Yaap Yaap, from Billy.


Billy called him Yaap Yaap because that was all he could say. Mandy and Grim thought of a plan to get rid of him as he is wrecking Billy's kitchen, as well as being disgusted and annoyed beyond belief. Grim receives a potion from his grandma called Heebie Jeebie Juice to kill him. When Yaap Yaap sees this, he detaches from Billy and runs under the couch, and when Grim goes to retrieve him he bites him in the butt. Mandy tells Yaap Yaap that the potion is actually cherry soda with no natural ingredients, to which he excitedly gulps it all down. He then lets out a loud belch and melts away to a puddle of flesh. Billy is heartbroken because he is dead, and that he wanted the soda all to himself. Mandy sucks up Yaap Yaap's remains in a little vacuum cleaner and tells Billy to throw them away, and Billy considers it, but eats it instead and yells "Yop Yop!".


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