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I am the leader of the Kiketsu Family. Do you really need further explanation?
~ Yachie Kicchou

Yachie Kicchou is one of the antagonists in Touhou Project: Wily Beast and Weakest Creature. appearing as Stage 4's midboss as well as being the main boss of the stage. She is a Jidiao and the leader of the Kiketsu Family, one of the most powerful Yakuza organizations in the Animal Realm.


Prior to the events of the game, her clan alongside the Keiga and Gouyoku Families created the Primate Spirit Garden, a place where humans could be kept for slavery without going extinct. As conflicts died down and the families started to relax, the humans suddenly retaliated.

The humans prayed to a god, and that god gave them idols to worship. The idols eventually took over the Primate Spirit Garden. The Garden, now an organization itself, became so out of control that even the three powerful Families couldn't lay a finger on them as they began to attempt to conquer the Animal Realm.

The Kiketsu Family then thought up a ploy to bring the Primate Spirit Garden down, using a human from the surface to invoke a religious war.

In Touhou Project: Wily Beast and Weakest Creature, Yachie makes her appearance as the stage 4 mid-boss, eventually coming back to act as the stage's final boss. She acts courteous, guiding the protagonists through Hell before eventually confronting them for the stage's actual boss fight. Yachie fights the protagonist, declaring upon loss that everything should go smoothly with a human like her on their side. She reveals the location of the Primate Spirit Garden before sending them off.

In the bad ending, Yachie confronts the heroines about their loss. After the heroines beg her for another chance, she allows them to attempt a rematch, though states that they are replaceable and subsequent failure will not be tolerated.

In other ending circumstances, Yachie only appears in the Normal ending routes of the Otter Spirit, each encounter going as follows:

  • In Reimu's Otter Ending, she introduces herself as the head of the Kiketsu Clan. She explains that the Animal Realm is a world without gods, and that all manner of spirits, even including herself, are treated as slaves. She states that she sees Keiki as an evil god. She then tells Reimu the backstory leading up to the plan and plot of the game. Reimu feels uneasy due to Yachie's friendly nature.
  • In Marisa's Otter Ending, Yachie arrives uninvited to Marisa's home. She then introduces herself as the Kiketsu Clan's head and explains her plan from the animal spirits' point of view. She apologizes to Marisa after being chastised for not telling her upfront, stating that she didn't want to risk failure, and that Keiki might've heard of her plan had she told a human about it. Marisa was unable to deduce Yachie's true intentions.
  • In Youmu's Otter Ending, she goes back to the Primate Spirit Garden and catches Yachie and Keiki in a bout. She asks if they're close to each other to which Yachie states that there is no such thing as "getting along" in the Animal Realm, something Keiki is surprised by. Yachie says that Keiki should be removed, citing the struggle for resources as a reason. After Keiki reveals that these "resources" are human spirits, she notes that is another reason why Keiki doesn't belong here. She states that animal spirits are resources too, thus she reasons that she follows the natural order, with Keiki disagreeing with her.


Yachie takes the appearance of a young woman with red eyes, and short blonde hair. She has antler-like horns as well as a turtle's shell on her back, and a long, dragon-like tail. She wears a light blue shirt and a slightly-muted turquoise pleated skirt, alongside plain white socks and black shoes.


Yachie puts on a front of being polite and amicable when talking about the Animal Realm, her goals and when speaking to the heroines during the game. Her true personality seems to be manipulative and cunning, coming off as a bit ruthless when it comes to the human spirits or the Primate Spirit Garden. Given her general attitude towards the law of the Animal Realm--that being a survival-of-the-fittest mindset--she has a desire for order and control.

Saki describes her as "creepy" and "foul," implying that Yachie can display attitudes far worse than seen in her debut game. She's also described as condescending, looking down on others.

Powers and Abilities

Making people lose the will to fight back

Her true ability hasn't been named thus far, but it involves Yachie being able to manipulate others into not fighting against her will. In the game, it's displayed by the heroines going along with what she's saying, despite not comprehending what was going on. It's unclear if this power is quite literally her using manipulation magic, or if it's helped by her being a smooth talker and generally knowing how to get her way. Regardless of method, it works effectively.


As the head of the Kiketsu Clan, she specializes in sneak attacks from the shadows, water, etc., as the clan is said to do.


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