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Yak in the Sak

It's your wish I've heeded with this final tap. Your dam is cross-breeded. It's nice, safe and fair, ha ha ha! Yes indeeded!
~ Yak in the Sak
I'll make you be good, you misshapen mongoose! The bad end of my wand will now quickly induce an ungentle whooping on your furry caboose!
~ Yak in the Sak as he's about to finish Dagget.

The Yak in the Sak is the titular main antagonist of The Angry Beavers episode of the same name.

He is a magical, rhyming Yak intent on making games "nice, safe and fair". He, along with the entire episode, is a parody of various Dr. Suess works, mainly "The Cat in the Hat".

He is voiced by John de Lancie, who also plays villains Q from Star Trek, Mister Twister in Young Justice, Discord from the Friendship is Magic series and Dr. Victor Mott in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.

Appearance and Personality

The Yak in the Sak is basically just a tall green Yak who hops around in a purple sack. He wears a long pinkish hat, white gloves and a red bowtie (an obvious parody of The Cat in the Hat) and carries around a wand which he keeps in his sack.

The Yak in the Sak tries his best to stay calm and happy, but it is shown that he can quickly lose his temper if someone fails to or dosen't do what he says (as shown when he tells Dag to rhyme what Norb (who was brainwashed by the Yak) says, but ultimately fails because Dag says things that do not rhyme.) However, he does regain his calm temper after a very short time. This entire scene shows that he is a control freak, due to wanting and forcing the beavers to listen to him and do what he says. He is shown to also be a talented trickster, due to successfully tricking Norb to rhyme, which causes Norb to turn into a Dr. Suess-like creature and becoming perky and rhyming (which Norb usually hates) like the Yak. He also seems to enjoy singing, as he does this several times throughout the episode.


He first appears outside when Dag & Norbert Were bored. As he tried many games to make them happy only for them to failed.

He would Later reveal that he is a controlled freak, & would tried to have Dag rhyme, only to fail.

At the end of the episode, He is last seen stuck in the Sack while Dag & Norb are using him to play Kick the sack.


  • It is actually what happened to him afterwards as he does not appear or is mentioned by Dag or Norb for the rest of the series. Leaving his Fate Remains a Mystery