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Life was suddenly complicated, so he asked his six advisors, his archons. They informed him that the spheres were important to her, and that she was angry at what he would have wrought. He didn't fully understand, and had less of a clue of what happened to her. Finally, he decided that like her machines, she was merely broken. And machines, unlike the things of flesh, can be built again. He would wait here, until she was no longer angry with him, and decided let to him go.
~ From "A Life that Was Simple".
"I have heard chanting and seen his servants, Reborn from mere men to serpents and beasts. Sacrifices were made in exchange for power, But the great dragon never needs to feed.

"It fed on the bodies of gods not the flesh of men, And it fell into slumber for ages and ages. But its glory reduces not and his crown ever flaming, Only a fool would claim mastery to such a thing.

"Pity the Great Sorcerer King of Adytum, Who regards himself a god but an insect merely. Pity his Klavigar and proud Karcists, Who seek to rule the land but will all perish.

"Pity the followers of the great brass machine, Their master scattered still in pieces. Pity the mortals who know not about the dragons, Descendants of the same blood but will die in ashes."
~ From the "I Have Seen the Dragon in the Great Brass Cage" section in the "CotBG Archive ██/██/20██-███: Of Dragons and Serpents".

Yaldabaoth is a low-level elder god and one of the overarching antagonists in the SCP mythos. The practitioners of Sarkicism believe that he is the principal power in the universe and the incidental creator of all life.


Yaldabaoth is often described as a blind creature driven by pure instinct. He is usually accompanied by six beings called Archons, which are faceless manifestations of primordial chaos.

Life is an unintentional byproduct that is exhaled by the old god after devouring other gods and stars.


Relation with Sarkicism

Most of knowledge of Yaldabaoth originates from Sarkic scripture and religious texts.

While the most Sarkites revere Yaldabaoth, they do not worship him or any other god (with the exception of some Neo-Sarkic cults such as the Adytum's Wake). Instead, they see him as subservient and an enemy to the founder of their religion, Grand Karcist Ion, who would "wear the old god's flesh as armor and craft a kingdom out of it's body".

The Wandsman of Kul-Manas, a traveler of the multiverse, claims that the Grand Karcist is actually a puppet of the great old one.

Battle with Mekhane

At some point Mekhane, the deity worshiped by the Mekhanites, engaged with Yaldabaoth in a biblical battle over the fate of humanity. The battle ended with Mekhane sealing Yaldabaoth away, but breaking into pieces in the process.


Following his imprisonment, one of Yaldabaoth's pieces sank underground through time somewhere in the Bubiyan Island, Kuwait. People would build a farming village on the ground containing the organic piece and would live there from 4100 BCE to 1200 BCE before abandoning it due to the invasion of an unknown group and in 300 BCE it resettled by a group of Hellenes and Babylonians lead by Karcist Tulva. Because of the influence emitted by the piece the people's descendants would be born with heavy bodily mutations and deformations and they would also start worshiping Yaldabaoth. In modern times, ORIA forcefully took over the village before being claimed by the SCP Foundation who designated it SCP-2688.


In 2002, when Private Morton Baker of the US Army was fighting in Afghanistan, he got knocked out by a nearby bomb. Yaldabaoth took the opportunity to enter Baker's mind through a dream. In the dream, Yaldabaoth confronted the clueless Baker and began devouring, beating and leaving him all at the same time, which in fact was his way of showing Baker that modernity and technology was an abomination against the chaotic nature which resulted in Baker developing PTSD. In 2011, Baker realized what the god was trying to say and decided to spread the message by sharing his PTSD to other people through direct attacks. This worked as his victims developed the same PTSD and began thinking exactly like Baker. This prompted the Foundation to sent Mobile Task Force Rho-93 to capture the infected individuals and keep the infection, now designated SCP-3503, from spreading.


Yaldabaoth's brass cage was discovered by the Global Occult Coalition, GRU Division "P" and the SCP Foundation, the latter designating it SCP-5001. The Foundation gained full control of it after the collapse of GRU P, classifying Yaldabaoth as SCP-5001-A.

On December 30th, 2019, Yaldabaoth breached containment after a explosion accidentally caused by a spy of the Church of the Broken God damaged the cage. Yaldabaoth took control of several Foundation personnel at Site-59 reverting them to an ape-like appearance and had them kill and cannibalize other staff members. He also released "pressure waves" which adversely affected all those caught in them, who began to attack each other.

The Foundation were eventually able to defeat Yaldabaoth by firing a superweapon named HECOR at him, blasting the Devourer back into the cage, which later re-assembled itself and sealed Yaldabaoth away once more.


Yaldabaoth is often depicted as a serpent-like entity with the head of a lion which corresponds to the Gnostic portrayals. The Xia Dynasty referred to Yaldabaoth as a dragon and the lower classes of the dynasty would mold themselves after Yaldabaoth's appearance. Private Morton Baker, the first individual to be infected with SCP-3503 described Yaldabaoth as resembling a 9ft tall Satyr with the combined appearance of individuals infected by SCP-610.

Powers and Abilities

Yaldabaoth was shown to be one of the more powerful of the immortal Old Gods. Being the creator of most materials he could easily manipulate those substances, but was shown to more powerful with the manipulation of organic materials. He was one of the central figures in the creation, and was deemed equal in power to the Hanged King and Mekhane, and more powerful than the Scarlet King and his army. Yaldabaoth also possessed complete control over his loyal archons which were in actuality extensions of his own power, but it is unknown if he was defeated by Grand Karcist Ion who supposedly wore Yaldabaoth's flesh to siphon his power, or Yaldabaoth turned Ion into another of his archons. Dale Fang of a modern cult of the Xia Dynasty believed that the reality-benders gained their powers from the imbalance between the components from both Mekhane and Yaldabaoth within their bodies and souls.



  • Inspired by the concept of the Demiurge from Gnosticism.
  • Bears a resemblance to Azathoth from the Cthulhu-mythos. This backed by being often described as a "blind creature driven by purse instinct".
  • Such as in the tale "The Maker and the Beast", Yaldabaoth has been called a male and a female, so his real gender is unknown.
    • Given that Yaldabaoth had been in a relationship with Mekhane who is of female origin, Yaldabaoth is probably male.
  • It is speculated that the malevolent infohazardous entity who killed the humanoid race from SCP-3007 and made art with their corpses by twisting and playing with them is a representation or a being connected to Yaldabaoth, while the intelligent and benevolent deity who created the race is a representation of Mekhane.
  • Yaldabaoth is the uncle/aunt of the Scarlet King.
  • SCP-3806-A claims that Yaldabaoth and the Scarlet King are known to snatch human souls in the astral plane. She also suggests that Odin is also gathering honorable souls to form an army in order to fight either the Scarlet King or Yaldabaoth in the end of times.
  • SCP-3895 shares a lot of similarities with Yaldabaoth, both being godlike flesh monstrosities who claim to have created humankind along with the rest of life, having control over flesh monsters and wanting to assimilate humanity back into themselves and return them to their roots. They were even confused in the tale "Thrive", but there hasn't even been a connection between the two beings yet.



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