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Yaldabaoth is a low-level elder god and an antagonist in the SCP mythos. The practitioners of Sarkicism believe that he is the principal power in the universe and the incidental creator of all life.


Yaldabaoth is often described as a blind creature driven by pure instinct. He is usually accompanied by six beings called Archons, which are faceless manifestations of primordial chaos.

Life is an unintentional byproduct that is exhaled by the old god after devouring other gods and stars.


Relation with Sarkicism

Most of knowledge of Yaldabaoth originates from Sarkic scripture and religious texts.

While the most Sarkites revere Yaldabaoth, they do not worship him or any other god (with the exception of Adytum's Wake). Instead, they see him as subservient to the founder of their religion, Grand Karcist Ion, who would "wear the old god's flesh as armor and craft a kingdom out of it's body".

The Wandsman of Kul-Manas, a traveler of the multiverse, claims that the Grand Karcist is actually a puppet of the great old one, and that Demiurge is equal in power to the Hanged King.

Battle with Mekhane

At some point Mekhane, the deity worshiped by the Church of the Broken God, engaged with Yaldabaoth in a biblical battle over the fate of humanity. The battle ended with Mekhane sealing Yaldabaoth away, but breaking into pieces in the process.


SCP-3806-A is an elder woman who claims to able to arrange deaths and afterlives. One possibility is that souls wander on the astral plain, until they are snatched up either Yaldabaoth or the Scarlet King

The same woman also believes that the nordic god Odin is collecting souls as soldiers to fight some cosmic horror at "the end of days", and implies that this horror could be Yaldaboth or the Scarlet King.


Yaldabaoth's brass cage was discovered by the Global Occult Coalition, GRU Division "P" and the SCP Foundation, the latter designating it SCP-5001. The Foundation gained full control of it after the collapse of GRU P, classifying Yaldabaoth as SCP-5001-A.

On December 30th, 2019, Yaldabaoth breached containment after a mysterious explosion damaged the cage. Yaldabaoth took control of several Foundation personnel at Site-59 and had them kill and cannibalise other staff members. He also released "pressure waves" which adversely affected all those caught in them, who began to attack each other.

The Foundation were eventually able to defeat Yaldabaoth by firing a superweapon named HECOR at him, blasting the Devourer back into the cage, which later re-assembled itself and sealed Yaldabaoth away once more.



  • Inspired by the concept of the Demiurge.
  • Bears a resemblance to Azathoth from the Cthulhu-mythos. This backed by being often desrcibed as a "blind creature driven by purse instinct".
  • He is thought to possess a person that he uses as his avatar. This person is referred to as Adrien who is described as an immortal human who can steal a soul and kill with his touch. He can also corrupt/corrode every known earthly and synthetic material used on including strong metal suddenly. He appears as like a hooded cultist with a mask and a ominous ring on his right hand's ring finger. Upon killing someone with a touch and not a weapon they are said to reanimate into a zombie like creature. This hints that this avatar may be the Plague Doctor (SCP-049).
  • It is hinted that Yaldabaoth is the uncle of the Scarlet King.
  • Such as in the tale "The Maker and the Beast", Yaldabaoth has been called a male and a female, so his real gender is unknown.
    • Given that Yaldabaoth had been in a relationship with Mekhane who is of female origin, Yaldabaoth is probably male.
  • It is speculated that the malevolent infohazardous entity who killed the humanoid race from SCP-3007 and made art with their corpses by twisting and playing with them is a representation or a being connected to Yaldabaoth, while the intelligent and benevolent deity who created the race is a representation of Mekhane.



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