Yamato (Myhome Daddy).

Yamato is a recurring boss in the Darius series. He first appeared in Super Darius ( a port of the first game for the PC-Engine CD), where he was named My Home Daddy, and later appeared in Darius II.

Yamato is a Belsar flagship designed after a hermit crab. While it doesn't have many weapons of it's own, it specializes in parasitizing large weapons, controlling them as if they were a part of it. On it's first appearance during the Belsar attack at Darius, Yamato takes on a large weapon structure which acts as a outer shell, much like a real hermit crab, attacking with lightning bolts and explosives.

During the Belsar attack in the Solar System, Yamato is sent to Earth, where it parasitizes the real WWII Yamato battleship, making the previously-sunken battleship operational again. Once all cannons on the battleship are destroyed, Yamato will burst out from the battleship's inside, using a part of it's hull as a makeshift shell. Once the hull is destroyed Yamato's insides finally get exposed, at which point it will start to shoot energy spheres in all directions.