Such a powerful source of gay energy, and it's mine for the taking! ...Oh, blast. I knew I should have recharged the batteries before I left the house this morning

Yami Bakura (real name Florence) is a recurring antagonist in the internet parody Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series by LittleKuriboh.


Unlike his mainstream counterpart who was obsessed with obtaining all the Millenium Items and unleashing Zorc Necrophades, this version of Bakura seems to be in no hurry to do anything too horrific (aside from the odd murder). Marik even offered to give him his Millennium Rod if Bakura would sing with him, but Bakura turned it down. This could be explained by the fact that Zorc Necrophades actually exists in some capacity, but is too child-like to be a threat.

Yami Bakura is homosexual, though everyone assumes he's just British (despite being an ancient Egyptian possessing a Japanese schoolboy). His Millennium Ring has the ability to detect if there are other gay people nearby, which coincidentally leads him to several Millennium Item-holders who just so happen to be gay, such as Yami Yugi and Marik (who is in denial). Pegasus was initially believed to be gay as well, but it's later revealed that the ring was reacting to his bodyguard.

Bakura and marik

"No! We won't kill Yugi Muto! That would be too obvious!" "Too fun, more like it."

Deep down, Bakura is quite lonely. Even though Marik irritates him, he still hangs out with him due to his growing feelings for the youth. He also likes to tease Marik for being a closet gay who acts flamboyantly, while Bakura is out and acts sober.

Despite being a villain, Yami Bakura is probably the sanest character in the whole series. As a chairman for Marik's Evil Council, he finds himself baffled by Marik's petty acts of villainy against Yugi and the apathy of their minions. Bakura would rather just kill Yugi. After a while he decides he'll defect to Dartz's organisation, possibly ending his relationship with Marik once and for all. Though there is a small chance that he'll come back, as he like tacos but Dartz doesn't.



  • Yami Bakura can summon Ghost Nappa.
  • He's the co-star on a sitcom called Zorc & Pals, where he plays the straight man to Zorc Necrophades. This got cancelled after one season and Zorc went on to do The Suite Life with Zorc & Cody.
  • He says to Melvin that if he strikes him down he shall become more powerful than he could possibly imagine, referencing Obi Wan Kenobi's duel Darth Vader in A New Hope.
  • Despite being the main villain of the entire series, most people only view Bakuara as a minor character.
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