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Do whatever it takes. I don't care. You can kill half the population of this loathsome country if it will achieve what I want...
~ Xenopolos to Zeljan Kurst

Yannis Ariston Xenopolos is the posthumous antagonist from the ninth Alex Rider novel, SCORPIA Rising. He is a multibillionaire who hires SCORPIA to steal the Elgin marbles and return them to Greece.


Yannis Ariston Xenopolos built his wealth and empire from shipping, airlines, and hotels, living a very long and privileged life. However, he possessed hatred for England due to being in possession of the Elgin marbles, which was very valuable to Greece history. Believing it rightfully belonged in one of Greece's museums, Xenopolos vowed to have the Elgin marbles returned to Greece at any cost.

To this end, he arranged a meeting with Zeljan Kurst, the head of SCORPIA. After explaining his desire to have the marbles returned, he encouraged Kurst to use any method necessary, including blackmail and even genocide. Xenopolos knew SCORPIA's last two major operations ended in failure and was losing its status and reputation, ergo when Kurst rebuked his first offer of twenty million dollars, Xenopolos reminded him of their failure and that they needed the job to restore their reputation. Kurst and Xenopolos eventually agreed to a sum of fourty million dollars for the job, and Kurst entrusted Abdul-Aziz al-Razim to lead Operation Horseman, which would both restore SCORPIA's reputation and ensure the return of the marbles to Greece.

Xenopolos died as Operation Horseman commenced, but thanks to Alex Rider, SCORPIA was defeated for good, and Xenopolos's goal ultimately failed.

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