When a festival ends there's another festival!
~ Final words before his death

The Yatai Banki is a yatai (屋台 yatai) themed Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast who ends his sentences with "-wasshoi" (ワッショイ wasshoi). He is the main antagonist of episode 39 of 2008 TV series called Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

He is voiced by Kōichi Sakaguchi who previously voiced Yabaiba, Trinoid 11: Ayameganezumi, Pouchien Bolapen, Akutagami, Moriya and later voiced Azemidoro, Bakutofūji-ER of the Timer, Omochiloid and a Stove Shadow.


He is sent to capture children in order to start up Kitaneidas' plan to subjugate the world into chaos with endless festive fun and he does this by creating an illusion of a Japanese Festival where they were then lured into a world full of festive and fun where each children that went in their were then captured.

When the two Go-Ongers showed up in his world of illusion he revealed himself and fired a pair of masks at the duo. However thanks to Kishamoth they managed to break the illusion world and the two gentlemen frightened Saki causing her to punch the duo at the head thus freeing them. After that the Yatai Banki attack the team with his festival themed abilities. After that he then left the area to kidnap more children.

Back in the Hellgaile Palace he showed his minister the kids that he captured however he was then followed by these two monsters from the Samurai World named Rairaiken and Gokugokumaru. However, when it pointed out that the Minister's plan was too time-consuming (i.e., that human children need at least one to two decades to mature).

He was then sent back to the Human World fight the Go-ongers while Ministers go after the two boys from the Samurai World that have entered the Human World. However they then used the Kankan bar to launch some fireworks to distract the Yatai Banki while Gunpei finished him off thus freeing his captive children.

However he then enlarged himself prompting the team to bring out their three megazords to battle him. However he then created a festival Subspace where the only main resident of this place is the Yatai Banki and GunBir-O, but as the for the other two Megazords their about the size of a prize. After that he was then scrapped by their finisher called Grand Prix Festival.



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