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The Yeagerists are a faction from the anime and manga series Attack on Titan. Their members consist of former Survey Corps, Garrison, and Military Police figures who swore loyalty to Eren Yeager, believing him to be the savior of Paradis, though some members only serve out of fear of retribution. They serve as the central antagonistic faction of the War for Paradis arc and Season 4.



Prior to his attack on Marley, Eren Yeager informed Floch Forster, a fellow member of the Survey Corps, about his true goal of using the Coordinate with Zeke Yeager's assistance to unlock the full power of the Attack Titan. Eren makes it clear to Floch that they will only tell Zeke what he needs to know and that their true purpose is to activate the Rumbling and wipe out all life outside the Walls. Before and during Eren going rogue within Marley, Floch begins scouting for anyone loyal to Eren and beginning the foundations of what would eventually become the Yeagerists.


After Eren was arrested by the military for the damage he caused in Liberio, some of the Yeagerists' key members, notably Floch and Louise, leaked the news of Eren's arrest to the general population. Many of the citizens began protesting the decision, demanding Eren be released. The military begins to realize just how many citizens believe Eren should be their leader while interrogating Floch. Meanwhile, some members began colluding with Yelena, Zeke's most devoted follower, to infect wine with Zeke's spinal fluid for the upper brass of Paradis leadership, intending to use it as a bargaining chip against them to put the Yeager brothers in power.

While the military began debating a new candidate to inherit Eren's power, some Yeagerists planted a bomb in Commander Darius Zackly's office. The bomb was detonated, killing Zackly and several members of the Military Police, as well as provide the perfect diversion for Eren to use his newly acquired War Hammer Titan power to tunnel his way out of confinement.

After Eren's escape, Dot Pixis and Hange Zoe fully understand the threat the Yeagerists pose, believing it is their intention to locate Zeke as well as target Queen Historia, as well as anyone who opposes Eren Yeager. Floch later leads the Yeagerists into a restaurant where the Braus family are dining, demanding Zeke's location from Hange. Hange attempts to warn them that the wine is poisoned with Zeke's spinal fluid, before she quickly realizes Floch knew all along about the wine. The Yeagerists allow Eren inside to speak with his friends Mikasa and Armin, as well as capture the Braus family alongside Niccolo and the military officials inside.

Floch interrupts a training session for the 109th Survey Corps, led by Keith Shadis, and is successfully able to sway many of the young trainees to join the Yeagerists, believing he is the key to their survival. Floch has them prove their loyalty by assaulting their former leader Shadis, as a symbolic changing of the guard. Floch and other Yeagerists later accompany Hange to the site of a loud rumble where they find Levi. Hange tells them he is dead, but Floch demands to see the body for himself. Hange escapes with Levi in the river, with some Yeagerists chasing after them. Floch meets up with a revived Zeke and leads him back to Shiganshina where Eren ordered them all to meet.

Zeke and Eren, in their Titan forms, are assisted in their combined attack by the Yeagerists. During the battle, though, Zeke triggers his scream that transforms anyone who consumed the tainted wine into mindless Titans, and shortly afterwards, Eren and Zeke make contact, triggering the Rumbling. The Yeagerists briefly team up with their former captives to kill any of the Titans remaining in the district before Floch orders the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers to be arrested. Floch offers them the ultimatum of joining them as honorary Eldians or be executed for treason.

In the days after Eren triggered the Rumbling, Floch and the Yeagerists, joined by Jean, are about to execute Yelena and Onyankopon for their role in Zeke's plans (though the latter was never truly loyal to Zeke in the first place). Unknown to them, Jean and Mikasa had arranged for the two of them to be saved by the Cart Titan. Nonetheless, the Yeagerists host a massive celebration across Paradis for their newly found liberation from the outside world.

Being tipped off that the remaining 104th Survey Corps and surviving Marleyans formed an alliance to try and stop the Rumbling, the Yeagerists went ahead to ambush them at the ports, with Kiyomi as their hostage. The alliance is able to pick off several members, but the Yeagerists also succeed in destroying most of the available ships to get them close to the Founding Titan. Gabi Braun shoots Floch when he goes in to attack, but he survives and traces them to an air base where they plan to use one of the planes to catch up to the Founding Titan. Floch is killed after sabotaging the tank and slowing them down.


Although the Rumbling itself was eventually stopped by Eren's death, an estimated 80% of the world's population was already killed by it, whereas the Yeagerists had been growing in numbers, powers and in influence. Managing to persuade the general population to their ideals, by the year 857 the Yeagerists successfully took control of the military and began rebuilding the Eldian Empire. Very few citizens of Paradis dare oppose them, and some of them went into hiding (secretly under Queen Historia's protection) as the island fully embraced the Yeagerists, who have at long last gathered enough military strength to realistically destroy any outside force that threatens them.

Notably, in the time since, the Garrison and Military Police Brigade both merged into the Yeagerist faction, becoming the united Eldian Army. Hitch Dreyse and Rico Brzenska have joined the new military as well. While Hitch's reasons for joining are likely just to avoid persecution, Rico's motivations remain unknown it's possible that they join the Yeagerists due to Pixis (Garrison commander) and Nile (Military Police Commander) death during the War on Paradis. After Paradis was completely destroyed sometime after Mikasa died of old age, it's unknown if the Yeagerists still existed by then as a political faction, if they managed to spread their forces beyond the island or were destroyed with it.



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