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The General ordered me to wait for you here. Please follow me.
~ Yegor

Yegor is one of the major antagonists that appeared in the android mobile video game Girls' Frontline. He is the commander of KCCO as well as the right-hand man of Carter. He at first appeared as an ally to the Griffin & Kryuger at first, though he and the rest of KCCO betrayed the G&K in order to further their goal and thus becoming the antagonist. He also served as the main antagonist in Polarized Light. He is also responsible for shooting RO635 on her head and was an archenemy of Angelica.


Yegor is a built man with two grey eyes and a white hair. He wore the dark green uniform and the black formal trousers as well as two pairs of black leather shoes.

During his command, he wore the green military suit with dark green armor fitted onto his chest, have two pairs of silver shoulder pads on each side. He also wore the green camo trousers with the knee-pads and shin armors on his legs.


Not much was known of Yegor's past, though it was revealed that he joined KCCO before the series start. He eventually became the commander of the army and served as Carter's right-hand man.

Later, when KCCO learnt of the Griffon & Kryuger's existance, Yegor and the rest of the organization 


During the battle between the T-Dolls and Sangvis Ferri's forces, Yegor and his soldiers 

Continuum Turbulence

Polarized Light

However, Yegor manages to got out from his mech though he was heavily injured. He was then confronted by Angelica and after exchanging words, he claimed that he was doing for his own country before succumbing to his wounds and die.


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