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Yhorm, old friend. I, Siegward of the Knights of Catarina, have come to uphold my promise! Let the sun shine upon this Lord of Cinder.
~ Siegward of Catarina to Yhorm.

Yhorm the Giant is a minor yet pivotal antagonist and boss in the dark fantasy RPG Dark Souls III. He is the tragic and kindhearted ruler of the Profaned Capital.


Yhorm is the son of an ancient conqueror of lands, tasked with leading the very people his father had enslaved. Despite his subject's mistrust and hate of him, Yhorm did all in his power to rule them fairly.

Gifting them with a powerful sword known as the Storm Ruler, a weapon capable of slaying him, should the need ever arise, serving as a one-man vanguard against any and all threats to his people, Yhorm selflessly put himself in harm's way to keep his people safe.

At some point in his life, Yhorm met Siegward, a knight of Catarina, the two of them becoming close friends, The Giant, in a show of trust giving Sieward the second of the two Storm Rulers, asking him to, should it ever come to it, kill him.

One day, from the sky, fell a ball of fire, in it the Profaned Flame, a fire that never goes out. However, just like the Chaos Flame, the Profaned Flame was a twisted imitation of the First Flame, capable of only twisting and corrupting those around it and was near impossible to control.

In an attempt to put it to rest, Yhorm willingly became a Lord of Cinder, giving his very soul to the fire in hopes of ridding his subjects of their danger.

Tragically, this failed, and when Yhorm was reincarnated in the hopes he would sacrifice himself to the First Flame again, he awoke to find his home reduced to ruins, his subjects either dead or corrupted. Overcome with despair, Yhorm secluded himself in his throne room, surrounded by the corpses of those he failed to protect, lashing out in anger at any who approached.

Eventually, he is confronted by the Ashen One and Siegward, engaging them in battle and falling, finally put to rest.


Yhorm was a kind and selfless figure, showing a strong, altruistic desire to help those he cared for. Although born the son of a conqueror, Yhorm loved his people dearly, doing all in his power to rule them as good as he could, giving them one of the few weapons capable of killing him as a show of goodwill.

Whenever his home was threatened, Yhorm would bravely confront the danger alone, fighting with unmatched ferocity against those who would harm his people, seemingly without any care for his own wellbeing. At one point in his life, he lost someone he held dearly, this loss causing him to abandon his shield, adopting an ever more deadly style.

With the fading of the First Flame, Yhorm chose to offer his soul to the fire in hopes it would help his people, but upon his resurrection, it is shown that despite his best efforts, he had failed, his home was reduced to ruins, what remained of his subjects transformed into vile monsters.

With nothing left, Yhorm was driven to insanity, the multitude of corpses that litter his throne room are hinted to be past victims of his rage, supported by the fact that one of them can be found clutching the Storm Ruler, meaning that one of his people had attempted to combat Yhorm and failed.

By the time the Ashen One and Siegward confront Yhorm, he is shown to be little more than a feral beast, the only sounds he emits being animalistic howls, attacking Siegward, one of his closest and most beloved friends, as though he no longer recognizes him.





  • The Storm Ruler greatsword that Siegward uses and the player can find near Yhorm's throne are call-backs to Demon's Souls where the Storm Ruler could be used to fight the Storm King.
  • Yhorm has over 20,000 health, more than any other boss in the series.
  • Unused obtainable armor based on Yhorm's armor can be found in the game's files.
  • Like other giants, Yhorm takes more damage when his head is attacked.
  • The Soul of Yhorm the Giant can be consumed for 20,000 souls or transposed with Ludleth to create either Yhorm's Great Machine or Yhorm's Greatshield.


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