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Yivo is a cosmic being and the main antagonist of the second Futurama film The Beast With a Billion Backs.

He was voiced by David Cross.


When Yivo saves Fry from lack of oxygen and that sent shkler tentacles into the neighboring universe, Leela reveals that Yivo's tentacles are in fact "gentacles" and the fact that Yivo is raping everyone, Yivo admits to make a clean slate, going out on a date with everyone in the universe at the same time.

This yearning made Yivo lust for sex with several people. As a result Yivo started to rape everyone in universe Gamma to force everyone to fall in love with Shklim. The summary of Yivo's personality can be described as lustful and lecherous. Shklee soon changed after this incident and soon changed to a monogamous relationship with Colleen after shklee found out that Fry broke his promise.

Yivo seems to detest robots because they are not capable of understanding shklim's feelings. Yivo sees them as incapable of understanding love.


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