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I am no phantasm. I am Ymir, archwitch of the abyss.
~ Ymir.
Hmph, rank and file fools. You'll pay for disturbing me.
~ Ymir to Jigan and Prikat.

Ymir is an overarching, main antagonist in the video game, Valkyrie Crusade. She is an ancient entity who was an Archwitch and the ruler of the rest of the Archwitches, She was also responsible for wrecking havoc on the world as well as Celestial Realm, Infernal Realm and Demon Realm. 

She was also based on Ymir of the Norse mythology.


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Ymir was the ruthless, cruel, fearsome and dangerous entity who was known to be the threat to the world. She was also very arrogant, egocentric, and destructive as she will not stop at nothing to destroy the Celestial Realm, Infernal Realm, and Demon Realm as she doesn't have any comical or redeeming qualities in her.

Despite being the leader of the Archwitches, Ymir viewed the other Archwitches as lowly insects that she even gleefully disposed of and even outrightly exterminated them as she viewed herself as the true Archwitch.


Ymir's past was a mystery, though it was revealed that she had been existed even before the event of the game but others believed her to be a myth. However, they also feared of her power as she was responsible for wrecking havoc on the world. 

In order to achieve her goal, she gathered an army of Archwitches and she led them 

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