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I am no phantasm. I am Ymir, archwitch of the abyss.
~ Ymir
Hmph, rank and file fools. You'll pay for disturbing me.
~ Ymir to Jigan and Prikat.
It's been ages, O Key to the Infernal Gate. Though your form has changed, I sense your magic power has not. And I see you have the Valkyries with you. Welcome to my castle, Valkyries. I am Ymir, Archwitch of the Abyss. It seems I'm overwhelmed with guests today, for in addition to you, there are the ministers of the Miasma Queen. I was right to seek my exit soon after the seal was broken. Unfortunately, my magic is not at full strength due to my long slumber. Therefore, I will not face you yet. But just you wait. The fun is yet to come.
~ Ymir to the Valkyrie.

Ymir is the main antagonist in the android mobile video game, Valkyrie Crusade. She is an ancient Archwitch who was the ruler of the other Archwitches and was also responsible for wrecking havoc on the Celestial Realm and the rest of the world before being defeated and sealed into the Thunder God Stone by the Valkyries in the past. However, she was unwittingly released from her imprisonment and set out to attack the world once more.

Later, she was revealed to have collaborated with Taboo in order to procure the Demonic Relics and destroy the Demon Lords in the Demon Realm Voyage story. However, she betrayed and killed Magister right after the group's defeat and take advantage of her plan by gathering all the Archwitches back to her side and began their attack on the entire world.

She later returned in Valkyrie Crusade x Melty Maiden x Emblem of Falkyrie as the main antagonist against as she was unwittingly freed once again and sought to conquer the entire universe.


Ymir was the evil, cruel, fearsome and sinister character who was known of being the greatest threat to the entire world. She was also very arrogant, egocentric, and destructive as she will not stop at nothing of destroying the Celestial Realm and eventually the rest of the world and seek to recreate the world into her own image in order for her to rule.

Despite being the ruler of the Archwitches, Ymir viewed them as lowly insects as she does not cared about them or their lives and callously disposed of them when they have outlived their usefulness to her while believing himself as the most powerful Archwitch in the world. She also despised failures as she was willing to torture her subordinates and even upright killing them. While she was demanding, abusive and cold towards the other Archwitches, she have a seemingly good relationship with Thesmophoros as she viewed her as her loyal right-hand and they both helped each other in the plans.

She also have no qualms of attacking and killing innocent characters and even her own allies, thus making her the most terrifying villain in the game with no sense of humor and even redeeming qualities.

Her desire of becoming the most powerful Archwitch also makes her to be completely having the god-complex and megalomaniacal grandeur and she believed herself to be more stronger than the rest of the characters and wished to rule the entire universe in her iron fist. Eventually, both her arrogance and hunger for power were the cause of her downfall in the end.

She also does not believed in peace which she considered it to be boring and pathetic and revelled in chaos and destruction as she desired to be feared by everyone else or even the other Archwitches.



Ymir was an ancient Archwitch who ruled the Land of Ruin, the dimension which was located far from the outside world. However, she began to grew bored of the peace in her domain as she lusted for power and started the war between the Archwitches who fought with each other for supremacy, which turned the entire dimension into the barren and harsh wasteland. Now realising of the way to survive and becoming even more stronger, Ymir fought and defeated numerous monsters and other Archwitches who challenged her and absorbed them to gain more power. She also recruited several Archwitches and they proceed to destroy the other Archwitches and the Land of Ruin.

Later, she learnt about the creation of the Celestial Realm and its resources as she gathered all the other Archwitches and began the attack on the earth as the step of taking over it and recreating it into her own image. However, she met with the opposition of the Valkyries who arrived to drive off the Archwitches' attack as she fought with them and defeated them before absorbing them to become even more powerful. The war eventually came on the end as Ymir was eventually defeated by the Valkyries who were aided by the legendary warrior named Clever Oracle as they sealed her inside the Thunder God Stone and secured it into the abandoned castle.

The Evil Beyond the Walls

Many years later, Ymir still remained imprisoned in the castle until two Demon Ministers, Jigan and Prikat and their vessel, Coucke, infiltrated the castle while searching for the cure for Calamity's Miasmic Curse and accidentally broke the crystal due to their bickering as Ymir was freed from her slumber and attacked the two Demon Ministers. Despite the Demon Ministers' efforts, they were no match for Ymir's strength as she overwhelmed them and heavily wounded them. But before she could finish them, she was interrupted by the arrival of Oracle, Mia, Rose Knight, Murakumo, Calamity, Stella and Aster who aided Jigan and Prikat and they faced Ymir together as they attacked her in all directions. Eventually, Ymir could not faced them fully when she began to realise that her powers were not fully awakened yet and decided to retreat but not before she warned the heroes that she will face them again after her powers were restored.

Queen-size Chocolate Fountain

Although Ymir did not presented in the story, it was later revealed by Mia that she have somehow collaborated with Taboo to find the Demonic Relics and destroy the Demon Lords as the plan of invading the Demon Realm as her powers were slowly recovering.

Ymir appears in the end of the story as she personally confronted Magister who have been defeated by the Valkyries and the Demon Lords as the Archwitch told the Taboo leader that her purpose was outlived and no longer useful for her plan, which shocked her. Ymir then "thanked" Magister for aiding her plan and proceed to finish her off with her Dark Abyss and took her Demon Core as she left the Demon Realm to proceed with her next plan.

Final Battle and Defeat

Ymir later returned to the abandoned castle where she was originally imprisoned in and

Ymir was eventually confronted by the Valkyries, the reunited Demon Lords and the kingdom leaders as she revealed her plan of becoming more powerful and rule the entire universe before engaging them in the battle. At first the heroes were putting up the fight as they attacked her from all sides, but she managed to shrugged off their attacks and attack them in full strength.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic: Ymir was the most powerful Archwitch as she have the ability to control her powers at will. She can also shoot out dark fireballs and even manipulate the power of the darkness as she can covered the entire area in darkness or even darkened the sky with clouds.
  • Superhuman strength: Ymir was also proved to be a fearsome fighter as she exceeded in hand-to-hand combat and she also displayed an extraordinary level of her strength. This shown that she was capable of going head-on with multiple Valkyries at once and can even keep up with both Calamity and Crimson Eyes as her strength was far more greater than the two Demon Lords' combined strength or even keep up with the other characters' most powerful forms.
  • Intelligence: Ymir was surprisingly intelligent and cunning as she was capable of making her plot and using her charisma and manipulation to collaborate with both her minions and allies alike before disposing them in order to further her goal.
  • Energy whip: This was Ymir's signature weapon as she used it to lash at her opponents or even ensnare them and shock them with the electricity which coursed within the whip.
    • Energy blades: Ymir can also morph her whip into the energy blades which she used to clash with her opponents. She also have the ability to use them as throwing weapons.
  • Flight: Ymir was capable of flight as she was able to fly even in high speed and can float at will by manipulating the gravity around her.
  • Immortality: Ymir was also powerful as she can't be killed or destroyed by any other characters. When she was wounded, she have the ability to regenerate herself by removing any wounds from her body and even reforming her body immediately after she was destroyed.
  • Teleportation: Ymir can teleport in the blink of an eye and can reappear in the another location.
  • Dimensional travel: Ymir can create the Witch Gate between the outside world and the Land of Ruin as she can traveled across the dimensions at will.
  • Demon Core: Ymir have this Demon Core that she took from Magister and infused into her body. With that, the Demon Core allowed Ymir to absorb the attacks from her enemies and empower herself to become more stronger. However, it was later destroyed in the final battle.


  • Ymir is named after the Norse mythology entity of the same name.
  • Ymir is one of the most powerful characters so far, as she rivalled with the strength of Oracle, Hades, Calamity, and even Crimson Eyes.
  • At the end of the most popular maiden poll, Ymir was considered as one of the most famous cards, as she was voted first place.
  • Despite Hades was being the main antagonist in the first place, Ymir was considered to be more dangerous, evil and competent than her. She was also considered to be more of a bigger threat than her. It also revealed that Hades also feared her and considered her as the threat to the Infernal Realm.
  • She was also responsible for starting the war between the Archwitches in the first place.


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