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Can't you see who I am? My order is equivalent to Emperor Yodon's order! You fool!
~ Yodonna rebuking Carantula for his disobedience.

This is the part where I should laugh, right?
~ Yodonna whenever she lets out an evil laugh.

Thank goodness...
~ Last words before death

Yodonna is one of the top generals of the Yodonheim serving as a personal assistant to Emperor Yodon himself and the secondary antagonist of Mashin Sentai Kiramager, as well as the main antagonist of Mashin Sentai Kiramager vs. Ryusoulger.

It is later revealed she is in fact an aspect and split personality of the Emperor that houses his true form.

She also appears as the main protagonist of the special Mashin Sentai Kiramager Spin-Off: Yodonna.

She is portrayed by Nashiko Momotsuki.


Mashin Sentai Kiramager

Disguising herself as a shrine maiden named Shuka, Yodonna went to investigate a shrine located in a place that contained large levels of darkness energy. While there, she encountered Juru Atsuta, Tametomo Imizu and Takamichi Crystalia, who were there in search of the third Kanaema Stone. She soon drew the attraction of Tametomo, who had a thing for tomboyish shrine maidens, but appeared to be unaware of his feelings.

After Takamichi inadvertently unearthed a Monstone and fed it the Energia Kanaema Stone, Shuka dug up some of the dirt in the ground and placed it on her wrist, causing it to transform into a Yodon Changer. Confirming that the site she was at was the correct one, Yodonna contacted Carantula and ordered him to send reinforcements. Carantula initially protested, but Yodonna reminded him that she was Emperor Yodon's executive assistant before shocking him for his disobedience. Yodonna then informed him that she was going to upgrade his latest Jamenshi before ending the call.

Yodonna later showed up to confront the Kiramagers, accompanied by Bomb Jamen. Using her Yodon Changer, Yodonna revealed her true form to the Kiramagers before using her powers to turn the Bechats with them into "zombies" and siccing them on the Kiramagers. Yodonna announced that her plan was to use the darkness energy in the site of the shrine to construct a tunnel from Earth to the Realm of Darkness where the Yodonheim resided, allowing dozens of Jamen Beasts to come to Earth and wreak havoc.

To gather darkness for her Yodon Tunnel, Yodonna instructed Bomb Jamen to use his bombs to gather enough darkness to create super-bombs to blow the tunnel. Bomb Jamen was initially confused as to why he wasn't allowed to bowl anymore, but Yodonna stated she had her own form of motivation and split Bomb Jamen into five before sending all five Bomb Jamens off. At the same time, Yodonna's Bechats succeeded in overwhelming the Kiramagers and knocking them out of their transformations before collapsing into dirt due to the overload of energy Yodonna gave them. The Kiramagers were shocked that Yodonna would sacrifice her subordinates like that, but Yodonna proclaimed that they were only "pawns" for her to use as she pleased. Though the Kiramagers were vulnerable, Yodonna chose not to finish them off, as she did not believe they were a threat to her any longer, and walked off after mocking them for their beliefs in friendship.

After the five Bomb Jamens were done gathering darkness, they met with the Yodonna at the forest where Yodonna intended to create the Yodon Tunnel. The Kiramagers (minus KiramaiRed) arrived again to battle Yodonna, but Yodonna and her "zombie Bechats" easily overpowered the injured Kiramagers. However, KiramaiRed then arrived with a new weapon, the Kiraful Go Arrow and used it to power up the other Kiramagers to destroy the five Bomb Jamens. With the Bomb Jamens all destroyed before they could place their bombs, Yodonna chose to retreat for the time being to the Realm of Darkness. There, she was approached by Galza, who complimented her on the strategies she used in battle and proposed that they work together.

For her next plan, Yodonna sought to study humans and how much they could endure. Observing that Sena was partnering with SCRTC, the same company which sponsored the Gekirangers, and using a device created by them to track her speed, Yodonna decided to use Sena as a test subject and brought Galza with her to attack the SCRTC. Galza captured Miki Masaki and her daughter Natsume, while Yodonna used her magic to turn the device around Sena's waist into a bomb that would explode if she ever stopped running. To keep her from being able to remove the bomb, she had Super Glue Jamen shoot a squirt onto it super gluing it to her. As her plans were going smoothly Yodonna let out an evil laugh, only to question if it was the right time for her to laugh, to which Galza let out a simple shrug. However, Natsume Misaki was able to escape Galza's clutches thanks to her mom attacking Galza and buying her time to escape. After Natsume helped the Kiramagers defeat Super Glue Jamen, Sena was freed from the bomb when the glue disappeared and joined her teammates in fighting the Super Glue Shellga Carantula summoned.

Yodonna would later hatch a scheme to use Movie Jamen to create a movie that would fill those who watched it with despair and broadcast it to the whole world in order to gather enough darkness to corrupt the planet. To gather actors for it, the two set up a fake movie theater where those went to watch movies in it would be abducted to appear in the movie. They soon ran into difficulty with making it on a short staff, as Movie Jamen quickly became tired from having to handle all the aspects of production. After Movie Jamen came across Kureon, who was visiting Earth after having gotten into a fight with Wizeru, Yodonna captured him and stomped on him to force him to make Minosaurs, Kureon inadvertently created the Director Minosaur from Movie Jamen, leading Yodonna to stomp on him until he made three more. Yodonna would then divide up the directing duty between Movie Jamen and the four Director Minosaurs, while she acted as producer of the film. Among those who wound up cast in the film were the five Ryusoulgers, as well as the Kiramagers after they went to investigate the movie. Canalo and Oto met up with Takamichi to investigate, only for Canalo to fall in love with Yodonna upon seeing her. Despite this, he was able to put his feelings aside after seeing how wicked Yodonna was. Koh and Juru later managed to free everyone who had been trapped in it by stealing Movie Jamen's clap board and using it to signal "cut". With their actors all freed, Yodonna ordered that the film by completed by stitching together what scenes they had left. This upset movie Movie Jamen, who saw it as his masterpiece being defiled, leading him to fuse with the four Director Minosaurs to transform into a giant Director Minosaur. The Director Minosaur was destroyed by the Ryusoulgers and Kiramagers in their mecha, thwarting the Yodonheim's scheme.

Yodonna's next scheme involved using Gomoryu, the same beast that had destroyed Crystalia, to rampage across the Earth. Carantula modified the beast by placing a Jamen mask on it and turning it into Projector Gomoryu, allowing it to camouflage itself through having a life feed of the city filmed and projected onto it by Yodonna and a group of Bechats using a tablet. Galza observed the scheme from the Yodon realm, commenting that it was going efficiently. The Kiramagers eventually discovered how Gomoryu was camouflaging itself and found where Yodonna and her Bechats were filming the city, going to confront them. Yodonna passed the tablet onto one of the Bechats and used her power to multiply them before sending them all off. The Kiramagers were able to track down the one with the tablet and destroy it, revealing Projector Gomoryu, but Yodonna simply complimented that the battle was far from over and the Kiramagers were still no match against Gomoryu's tremendous strength.

Yodonna and Galza's next scheme was a fairly complicated one. First, Yodonna enlisted the help of human researcher Yujiro Kusaka in order to develop a stable form of the Yodon Ivy Seed that could be used to transform Earth into another Yodonheim, in exchange for promising him that he and Sayo Oharu, whom he was in love with, would be allowed to live. While this was going on, Galza traveled to Atamald to personally destroy his brother Oradin and keep him occupied while their plans rolled off without a hitch. Once the Yodon Ivy Seed was fully developed, Yodonna betrayed Yujiro and left him and Sayo to be killed by Bechats while she prepared for the Yodon Ivy Seed to sprout. Carantula then used extra darkness energy he had been storing up to unleash three Jamen Beasts, Sengoku Basra, Shield Shellga and Tank Ligany to cause havoc and distract the rest of the Kiramagers. However, KiramaiRed was able to rescue Oradin by having him transport his soul into Kiraful GoArrow and use it to save Sayo. Despite the best efforts of Galza in Smog Jouki and the three Jamen Beasts to guard the Yodon Ivy Seed, it was ultimately destroyed by the Kiramagers before it had time to sprout.

For her next mission, Yodonna accompanied Golf Jamen to Earth on a mission to gather darkness energy. While there they encountered a drunk Mabushina, who stuffed the Jamenshi into Drilljean before driving it into the ocean and knocked a popsicle into Yodonna's mouth. Upon tasting the popsicle and realizing how delicious it was, Yodonna demanded to the popsicle man that he hand over all his popsicles to her. Yodonna later returned to the Realm of Yodonheim, where she, along with Carantula, observed Galza destroy Cart Hildon thinking Takamichi was still fused inside, causing Yodonna to comment that Galza would be furious when he realized that Takamichi had gotten out.

At some point, Carantula asked Yodonna to split him into five in preparation for a worse case scenario should he ever be lost in the field. After returning to Yodonheim in search of Carantula, Galza sensed Emperor Yodon's presence, only to turn around and realize it was Yodonna. Yodonna informed Galza that Carantula had gone down to Earth to pursue his next scheme. Yodonna later showed up as "MC Yodonna" during Carantula's rap battle against Juru to take him on in round 2. Having already lost once to Carantula, Kiramai Red was no match for Yodonna's burns and was quickly defeated before Yodonna sent Bechats to finish him off. However, Mashin Fire showed up to provide encouragement to Juru and together with their positive raps they were able to free everyone who had been corrupted by Carantula's influence. As the Kiramagers assembled once more and Carantula rode Turntable Gomoryu against them, MC Yodonna retreated from the scene, later observing the battle between the Kiramagers in their Mashins and Carantula riding Turntable Gomoryu.

After hearing that Emperor Yodon was coming to address the failure of Carantula's last plan personally, Yodonna was shocked to hear that Carantula had met Emperor Yodon face-to-face, as she had only ever communicated with him through her Yodon Changer. Yodonna then received an order from the Emperor through her Yodon Changer to seek out King Oradin, and nothing more. To track down Oradin, Yodonna attacked Sena and Sayo while they were eating to make them reveal where Oradin. Yodonna struck Sena with her staff and accidentally split her into five, as she had forgotten to switch off that feature from her staff. As the five KiramaiGreens faced off against her, the hyperactive Sena bragged that Yodonna could never reach Oradin because he was in Atamald. Remembering "Atamald" as a location Galza had mentioned, Yodonna teleported away and enlisted Galza's help in reaching it. Galza brought Yodonna to the island where the entrance to Atamald lay, but Mashin Hakobu refused to let either of them in and flew off so they couldn't capture him. Galza then decided to go with Plan B and summoned Smog Jouki so he could fight the Kiramagers and hijack King Express in order to force Oradin to appear. After having Smog Jouki combine with King Express and take it over, King Oradin appeared to face his brother. With Oradin forced out into the open, Yodonna went and stood before him, confused about what to do next. It was at that point however that Emperor Yodon emerged from Yodonna and revealed himself, revealing Yodonna to be an embodiment of him that he used to travel in between Yodonheim and Earth. After the Emperor gave his declaration to Oradin and the Kiramagers and leveled the city he reverted to the form of Yodonna. Yodonna was left confused at what happened and wandered around asking where the Emperor was before Galza picked her up in Smog Jouki and brought her back to Yodonheim. There, he and Carantula revealed to Yodonna the truth about her connection to Emperor Yodon, and how she was simply an aspect of him.

After Galza was incorporated into Emperor Yodon's body, becoming a personality aspect of the Emperor, he found Yodonna asleep inside the room representing the Emperor's mind and woke her up. Yodonna was later present when Galza seized control of the Emperor's body, but was knocked out by him before she could do anything.

Yodonna later awoke to find Galza had become the new ruler of Yodonheim. She asked Galza what he intended to do with her, to which he responded that he intended to do nothing, as he had no use for her now that he was in control.

Later, after Emperor Yodon ousted and killed Galza, Yodonna mocked Galza for not being beloved by the Emperor like she was. She was then informed by the Emperor that they were going to go out and seize the other three Kanaema Stones from the Kiramagers, and was told to leave the Illusia Stone in Yodonheim where it would be safe.

Yodonna's demise.

However, during their confrontation with the Kiramagers, Tametomo used the Reversia stone to revert Emperor Yodon to the form of Yodonna, allowing King Oradin to seal them both in stone. Yodonna questioned the Emperor as to what they would do, to which Emperor Yodon responded there were other options before striking down Yodonna so their consciousnesses would be separated. Shocked and fatally wounded, Yodonna asked why the Emperor had sacrificed her if he cared for her, to which Emperor Yodon responded by saying he only cared for himself. A tearful Yodonna then asked if this was when she should cry, but Emperor Yodon told her to laugh instead as she had given her life for her, right before Yodonna passed on.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Spin-Off: Yodonna


While she was awaiting judgment in the Yodon afterlife to be sent either to Yodon Heaven or Hell, Yodonna found herself in line behind Datula, who had developed a device that would allow an undead spirit to possess someone in the mortal world. After Datula was sent to Hell by Mose, Yodonna stole the device and escaped from the afterlife, heading to Earth to possess Juru. Just as she was about to use the device to take control of his body however, his girlfriend Mizuki Kakihara got in the way and became possessed by her instead. Despite this, Yodonna was unperturbed as Mizuki still had enough life energy for her to use to revive herself in six hours. Mizuki soon took notice of Yodonna after hearing her voice and assumed her to be a ghost who had possessed her to relive its high school days. Yodonna decided to play along to keep her true intentions a secret and told her yes, though Mizuki was initially annoyed to have someone inside her head.

Mizuki was later targeted by gangsters, as she was carrying the phone of her police detective brother Shosuke which had evidence of their crimes on it. Needing Mizuki alive to revive herself, Yodonna emerged from Mizuki's body and took control of her to fight off the gangsters. Mizuki later infiltrated a maid cafe that was being used by the gangsters as a front for organ harvesting, only to be caught snooping by the gangsters. Mizuki then pleaded with Yodonna to come out again, who took control of her body and fully emerged to fight the gangsters herself. Yodonna defeated each of the gangsters and the maids working with them, but became winded afterwards on account of Mizuki's body being out of shape. She soon found herself confronted by their high-ranking lieutenant Yanako Nishinoura and the two fought. With the help of Mizuki's dancing, Yodonna beat her and kicked her face into hot ramen, causing it to be burned. Tetsu Enoshima, the mentor of Mizuki's brother, then arrived and asked Mizuki where the phone was, to which Mizuki revealed she had hidden it. Enoshima then revealed he was working as a mole for the yakuza and showed her a video of her brother being beat up, telling her to hand them the phone with the evidence on it if they wanted to see him again.



  • She is the first Sentai female general since Escape to have a human-like appearance. She is also the first female general that assumed a human disguise since Ariake no Kata.
  • Interestingly, Nashiko Momotsuki, the actress who portrayed Yodonna, already met and befriended Yume Shinjo who portrayed Saya Hanami/Kiramei Green even before the production of Kiramager.
  • She is the first crow-themed villain since Rasuka from 2007 TV series called Juken Sentai Gekiranger.
    • She is also the first crow-themed villain in the Reiwa period.
  • Notably, Yodonna is the very first villain general from Super Sentai franchise to have her own spin-off special.


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