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Yog (in Japanese: ヨグ, Yogu) is the main antagonist in the 1970 Toho film Space Amoeba. It is an enigmatic alien amoeba that was created by Toho.

It was voiced by the late Ichirō Murakoshi.


Yog is a sentient quasar that started off drifting through space. It then spots the Helios 7 rocket, an unmanned probe sent to explore Jupiter and hijacks it, sending it off course back to Earth, landing in the South Pacific. Upon landing in the ocean, Yog possesses a nearby cuttlefish, mutating it into the giant monster Gezora. Under Yog's control, Gezora attacks numerous ships as it made its way toward Sergio Island. Upon reaching the island, Gezora rampages in a violent and uncontrollable manner, causing widespread destruction for its inhabitants and the J.S.D.F. It is temporarily driven off by a swarm of bats.

Later, photography Taro Kubo and Dr. Kyouichi Miya examine the underwater wreckage of the Helios 7 when Gezora suddenly appears behind them. It was about to kill them before it is scared off by a pod of dolphins. Returning to Sergio Island, it attacks the native village. Having theorized the creature's weakness to high temperatures as it can create cold temperatures in its body, Kubo and the humans lure Gezora into a field covered in gasoline and use munitions to set Gezora on fire. Severely burned, Gezora retreats into the ocean.

Yog leaves Gezora's body as it suffers its death to find a new host, coming across a rubble crab and forms Ganimes. Using Ganimes, Yog continues its rampage where Gezora left off and chases the survivors through a jungle. Kubo uses this as his advantage and shoots at Ganimes' eyes, blinding it and luring it into falling off a cliff, before shooting nearby canisters that blow up and kill Ganimes. Yog escapes and choses its next host as Makoto Obata, having been knocked out during Ganimes' attack. Possessing Makoto Obata, Yog reveals its intentions of conquering the Earth and infecting all of mankind under its control. Figuring out the humans have likely figured out echolocation weakens its control over its hosts, Yog as Obata returns to the cave and slaughters most of the bats. Yog then splits itself into three, one of which forms another Ganimes while the second possesses a matamata to become the monster Kamoebas.

As Ganimes and Kamoebas rampage through the rest of the island, Kubo and the others are cornered by the Obata possessed Yog, taunting them that soon the entire world will be under its control. Kamoebas attacks the group, indirectly awakening bats from one cave Obata missed. Through the other humans beckoning Obata to listen to not the alien but himself, he manages to resist Yog's control over his body and releases the bats from the cave. The bats swarm around Kamoebas and Ganimes, releasing Yog's control over them. The two monsters then go berserk and battle each other, ending with both falling into a volcano. Obata then sacrifices himself and jumps into the volcano as well, destroying Yog for good.

Powers and Abilities

Yog has an ability to possess creatures, so that it can turn them into giant monsters that follow his will. However, these monsters are able to escape Yog's control due to echolocation. It also has the ability to survive atmospheric entry without any injuries.


  • Kamoebas, one of the monsters controlled by Yog, returns in Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. as a corpse that had died after Godzilla tore out his throat. Whether Kamoebas was under Yog's control, or if he was simply a lone member of his species is always unexplained, most likely because of fact that most of the Millennium series does no follow the original Showa continuity. However, the "Kiryu saga" does actually have many Showa films included in its continuity, so it begs the question of whether both Kamoebas are related.
    • Additionally, given that Yog needed to be present for the original Kamoebas to be created, it is possible that a second Yog may have come to Earth, controlled a new Kamoebas, and was either killed when Kamoebas died, or escaped as he did when Gezora and the first Ganimes were killed.


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