Yoh Xi-Hung, also known as "The Eagle King" was the main antagonist of the 1978 Martial Arts Film "Avenging Eagle". He was portrayed by Fen Ku. 


Yoh Xi-Hung was a man of high birth and great wealth who spent his youth building a criminal empire and developing his martial skill. Some time around reaching middle age he realized that his martial prowess wouldn't always be as great as it was in his prime, so he decided to gain his own guard loyal only to him.

Yoh Xi-Hung bought forty orphans from a slave-driver and trained them ruthlessly in martial arts, killing all but thirteen before reaching adulthood. Despite his cruelty, those thirteen, deemed the "Thirteen

Avenging Eagle - Extended fight scene

Avenging Eagle - Extended fight scene

Eagles" still regarded Yoh Xi-Hung as the epitome of paternal love.

The Thirteen Eagles killed many of Xi-hung's enemies and made him large amounts of money, eventually bringing them to the house of Cheuk Yi-Fan, which they invaded. Even though Cheuk Yi-fan was out of his house when the Eagles broke in, they still massacred his family. One of the Eagles, Chi Ming-Sing, expressed qualms about killing Cheuk's pregnant wife, but Yoh Xi-hung convinced him to.

This act of brutality, however, would prove to be his downfall, as Chi Mins-sing's guilt caused him to abandon the Eagles. While out soul-searching, Chi Ming-Sing encountered Chuek Yi-fan, and the two of them agreed to take down the ther twelve eagles and Yoh Xi-hung.

Traits and Abilities

Despite his advanced age, Yoh Xi-hung was still a capable martial artist who likely had many decades left in his natural life. He used metal Eagle-claw gauntlets in combat, allowing him to adapt hand-to-hand techniques for lethal attacks and defense against bladed weapons.

When not in combat Xi-hung likes to sit in his home like an emperor, with all others in his absolute command. He addresses his subordinates as if they were his sons, despite his underlying apathy for their lives.

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