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Looks like Amikiri is Amicut loose!
~ Final words before death.

Yokai Amikiri is a Swiss army knife-themed Yokai who appeared as an antagonist in episode 38 of the 2015 TV series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. He is also known as Net Cutter Amikiri during his introductory shot.

He is voiced by Setsuji Satō.


Amikiri made his first appearance when he used his bladed arm to destroy a toy car, and a necklace which he produce enough fear for Masakage Tsugomori to deliver to Ariake no Kata. After that he left the chapel to continue more of his mayhem.

A while later as Amikiri ponders what to cut next he was then stopped by the arrival of Yakumo Yatou along with the rest of the team while being witness by a young witch named Elena. So with a bit of magic they became temporarily wizard-like ninjas which brought the confusion to this Yokai. AoNinger tries to use a spell to transform Amikiri into a turtle, but he dodge the spell as it transformed the sign into a turtle instead. So after that they began battling Amikiri. However during the fight Amikiri cut Yakumo's wand preventing him to do any magic and Akaninger's number 1 sword. So instead they used their ninja techniques and tied up Amikiri. However Amikiri broke free and nabbed Elena as hostage and threatens to snip her, but he was stopped by the arrival of Masakage who has a better idea which is a ransom. After that the two left the scene with the girl in tow.

A while later they appeared at the location where the trade off is going to be. So when Yakumo brought the transformation trinkets Masakage lied to him as he brought out the Jukkarage to destroyed him. However unknown to the demon and Yokai the clothes that Yakumo wore for the ransom are his teammates that's been transformed into that state thanks to his magic. After that they destroyed the footsoldiers as Yakumo open fired on Masakage causing him to let go the bag of shurikens and knocking Amikiri back making him to let go of his hostage.

After that Amikiri and the Jukkarage battle the ninjas and during the fight while being witness by Elena and his Yakumo's professor as Amikiri was then defeated by a powered up AoNinger.

However thanks to some Yokai magic that was done by Masakage Amikiri is then enlarged as he battle Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh. After that Amikiri is then destroyed by this finisher called Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Closing Shot.

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