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I got eaten up along with my dream!
~ Yokai Baku's final words before his death.

Yokai Baku is a purse-themed Yokai and is the main antagonist in episode 21 of the 2015 TV series called Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. During the introduction he's known as "Dream Eater Baku".


Yokai Baku made his first appearance when a corrupting Sealing Shuriken is being used on a purse. He demonstrates his ability by gobbling the woman's dream of being married.

A while later he was at a playground used his ability as he manage to gobble Takaharu's dream to become the last ninja and Koji's dream to become a pro baseball player. After that he left the area to spread more fear into the humans.

A while later he was seen terrorizing a bunch of kids when he was stopped the Ninninger. So he transferred Takaharu's dream to the Jukkarage as they become ninjas themselves and battle the team to which they were wiped out. Then he used Koji's dream to play a game of baseball to which he cheats, so to even the odds they have to used Ninja technique in this game. After that the Ninjas wins the game and battles Baku to where he was then defeated causing the dreams that he ate are being sent back to their owners.

However thanks to some demonic sorcery Baku is then enlarged as he battles the two Megazords however he used his ability on the main ninjas ate their dreams but the Starninnger sneak attack from behind causing the Yokai to cough up the dreams that he ate. Once Takaharu got his dream back he then summons the Lion Henge Lion Ha-Oh as he used the finisher called Lion Transcendental Slash to destroy the Yokai.

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