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Even when I'm gone, the Yokai will always exist!
~ Yokai Nekomata's final words before his death.

Yokai Nekomata is a watch-themed Yokai that appeared in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. His introductory credit also calls him "Fox-Tailed Cat Nekomata".

He was voiced by Tomokazu Seki.


Yokai Nekomata was created from a watch by a corrupted Sealing Shuriken. Nekomata first create a minor mischief by reversing a delivery van before Kyuemon Izayoi requested him to get Yoshitaka Igasaki's End Shuriken. As he face the Ninningers (minus AkaNinger) and their teachers Ninja Red and HurricaneRed. As he about to go to the past, Takaharu arrives and leap into the same portal he went.

In 2005, Nekomata incapacitated every available ninja to get the Shuriken until NinjaRed and HurricaneRed face him. AkaNinger arrives to aid them and tried to hold Nekomata off but instead getting himself seemingly killed before retreating to the present with the Shuriken. After handed the Shuriken to a Hitokarage, AkaNinger kicks him, revealing that he had survived and that his "death" was only a clone that take his place. Together, the Ninningers and their teachers fought Nekomata and destroy him, receiving his Sealing Shuriken in the end. The Shuriken of the End he retrieved as well was revealed to be NinjaRed's precious shuriken, having mixed them up with Yoshitaka's.

Nekomata however revives himself again even without his Sealing Shuriken. He caused several mayhem and the Ninningers finished him until he revived again. In his second destruction, Takaharu brought his watch's remain and accidentally left it in the Igasaki Ninjutsu dojo, which caused the awakened Nekomata to endanger Fuuka's friends. Nekomata leapt 10 years into the past again while bringing Fuuka's schoolmates along, forcing her and Takaharu to tail him into the past as well. With help of young Fuuka, Nekomata was tricked into revealing himself as AkaNinger and ShiroNinger fight him and they were brought back to the present. The other Ninningers regroup as ShiroNinger destroys his clock, after getting him to inadvertently tell them his weakness, and along with AkaNinger finished him.

He was however enlarged by Kyuemon, where the Ninningers summoned their Otomo Nin into the fight before killing Nekomata for real with Shurikenjin Paon Boomerang.


Nekomata was followed by a little brother, Yokai Mataneko, who lacked his ability to travel through time. He attempted to get revenge against the Ninningers but was ultimately foiled and destroyed by them.

Through Yakumo Katou's magic, Tsumuji Igasaki was temporarily disguised as "Yokai Meganekomata", introducing himself as Nekomata's cousin's underclassman's second cousin to the Kibaoni Army Corps whom he infiltrated.


  • Sometime before the Yokai Nekomata's birth, the Ninningers had once fought the Clock Shadow, a clock-themed Shadow Monster in order to assist their predecessors in their fights. Here, Clock Shadow was mistaken by AkaNinger for a Yokai, ironically foreshadowing Nekomata.

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