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Bring on the walls!
~ Yokai Nurikabe

Yokai Nurikabe is a minor antagonist Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, appearing as the main antagonist of Episode 22/. He is a railroad crossing signal-themed Yokai based on the nurikabe..

He was voiced by Yasuhiko Kawazu, who previously voiced Bomb-Maker D.D Ladis, a Vase Org, Shiransu, Trinoid 9: Bankumushroom, Botsian Zortac and later both the Snail World and the Great Snail World.


Yokai Nurikabe made his first appearance when Kyuemon Izayoi used a sealing shuriken on a railroad crossing, transforming into the monster off-screen. Yokai Nurikabe first appearances alongside a troop of Jukkarage as he use this ability to trap his victim within the walls, extracting fear from them when they are trapped. Thankfully, the ninjas showed up to stop them from extracting fear as they battle the soldiers while both Yakumo and Kinji handles Nurikabe. However due to both of them arguing, they fail to attack the villain as he manages to defeat and trap them in a wall, leaving the others to deal with the yokai and Ariake No Kata.

Thankfully, both Yakumo and Kinji manages to overcome the wall by going underneath it, as they send Nurikabe crashing towards the ceiling along with Ariake. After that, she'd left Nurikabe by himself to deal with the ninjas as she heads back to HQ. After the roll call, the battle begins as the heroes deals some damage towards Nurikabe, but he remains unfaized until they use their techniques to bring the beasy down.

However, thanks to some magic, he was grown to giant size, prompting the team to bring out Shurikenjin, BisonKing, and Lion Ha-Oh to battle the giant monster. Firstm Lion Ha-Oh used Giant Shuriken Crush, but Nurikabe used this ability to create an invisible wall to block the attack as it sends the shurikens flying right back at the mecha. Thankfully, the other mechas showed up to aid in the fight. However, with teamwork, all three mechas were then combined to form Ha-Oh Shurikenjin as the real battle begins. The Nurikabe first off creates an invisible wall for protection as he fired green laser beams from the railroads crossing at the mecha, but it counters said attack as it fires back at Nurikabe and manages to destroy his invisible wall. Then, Takaharu came out the mecha to slice Nurikabe's arsenal, leaving the poor yokai defenseless. After that, Nurikabe was then destroyed by the Ha-Oh Splendid Buster technique.

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