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Don't hate the Umibouzu, hate the illusions!
~ Final words before Death

Yokai Umibozu is a raft-themed Yokai and is the main antagonist in episode 17 of 2015 TV series called Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

He was voiced by Katsuhisa Hōki.


Created from Masakage Tsugomori by infecting an inflatable raft with a Sealing Shuriken while protected by a layer of dome, Umibozu was tasked with a mission to kill StarNinger by luring him with the illusions of his late brother and father, causing him to chase them into a mist until his life ran out. In the illusion, StarNinger felt into despair, believing that he wasn't capable of becoming Yoshitaka Igasaki's pupil until the other Ninningers freed him and encouraged him.

StarNinger teams up with the rest to destroy the werewolf and escape Umibozu's illusion. The team quickly obliterates the Jukkarage and Umibozu, unlocking Surfermaru's Nin Shuriken. As the giant Umibozu is too far away to attack with Shurikenjin, AkaNinger summons OtomoNin Surfermaru, who overpowers the Yokai, before creating Shurikenjin Surfer to destroy Umibozu.

Umibozu was among ten Yokai who appeared alongside Kyuemon Izayoi and the Western Yokai Wolf Man to Kinji in his vision after he had transformed into reincarnation of the Wolf Man, all bearing his face. When Kinji overcame his fear and doubt, and thus his Yokai side, he used the Demon Sword Urasame to vanquish all the illusionary Yokai and return to the real world.

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