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Dang it! My path to glory...turned out to be a dead end...!
~ Yokai Yamawarawa's final words before his death.

Yokai Yamawarawa is a track spikes-themed yokai and is the main antagonist in episode 13 of 2015 TV series called Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. His introductory credit also calls him "Mountain Brute Yamawarawa".

He is voiced by Keiji Hirai.


Yamawarawa made his first appearance when Masakage Tsugomori tossed a shuriken at a pair of track shoes creating this here yokai. To where he challenges them to three-legged race and the of the said race shall win its trapped captive that Masakage tossed somewhere in the woods.

Once the Jukkarage fired the gun into the air Yamawarawa gained head start due to the male ninjas aren't synced. However on closer inspection by Nagi he notice the yokai is cheating as the two Jukkarage are replaced with dummy versions of themselves. So Nagi in the middle of the team the Ninja walked in sync and began to catch up the speedy Yokai. However Masakage used his magic and brought illusion version of the ninja teammates. But that didn't work as Takaharu used his sword and destroy the illusions.

A while later both Yamawarawa and the Ninjas are at the last length of the race and this yokai doesn't look to happy about it so he ran as fast as he can go and it's a photo finish, but the winners of this race are the Ninningers. After that Takaharu used his sword and freed everyone that are trapped inside. Once the remaining members transformed and battle the yokai. After that Yamawarawa is then defeated by this finisher called Starlight Fury Slashes.

However thanks to some sorcery Yamawarawa was then enlarged prompting the two ninjas to bring out Shinobimaru and Rodeomaru to battle him. However due to this yokai super speed these two ninjas were getting overwhelmed thankfully the rest of the ninja's arrived and they fused their zords to become King Shurikenjin. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Unprecedented King Slash.

Yamawarawa was among ten Yokai who appeared alongside Kyuemon Izayoi and the Western Yokai Wolf Man to Kinji in his vision after he had transformed into reincarnation of the Wolf Man, all bearing his face. When Kinji overcame his fear and doubt, and thus his Yokai side, he used the Demon Sword Urasame to vanquish all the illusionary Yokai and return to the real world.


While Yamawarawa has a high sport spirit, he lacks a code of honor and pulls dirty tactics, all to fulfill his own desire to win. He also has a habit of recording for every time of his activities (e.g. awakening, growing and death).

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