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Yolanda Quinones

Yolanda Quinones

Yo what?!
~ Yolanda Quinones
But he's mine, bitch!
~ Yolanda to Marci about Dr. S.

Yolanda Quinones, also called the "Booty Monster", is one of the three main antagonists of the 2003 romantic comedy film Marci X.

She was portrayed by Paula Garcés.


Yolanda Quinones is a platinum recording artist and famous R&B singer who is in love with the controversial rapper Dr. S, and a close assiociate of Felony Records' co-executive Tubby Fenders. Tuby promises Yolanda a personal management with Dr. S, and that her & Dr. S would become a power couple, which is why she his labal.

Everything were working smoothly until the arrival of Marci Feld, daughter of billionaire Ben Feld who was been scorned and unjustly demonized by militant media watchdog, Senator Spinkle. Marci came on stage asking Dr. S for a favor in helpning her father, he granted it after he asked to sing and be "real". Marci accomplished and was given his favor, but Yolanda who didn't like anyone taking her man, did not take it lightly and hated Marci. She told Tubby about the situation and he is forming a plan to get Marci out of the way.

Yolanda after receiving word from Tubby about Dr. S and Marci's current whereabouts, went to Dr. S's nightclub in downtown New York to confront them both. She accuses Marci of insulting her Hispanic (including Ricky Martin, Mark Anthony and Christina Aguilera on her father's side). As Dr. S tried to calm his jealous girlfriend down, she then hit and fight Marci as Marci too fight back. During the on-going fight, one of the bystanders at the club passed a handgun to Yolanda as she tries to shoot her but Marci stopped her and tried to wrestle the weapon from her. The police came and soon arrested Marci. Dr. S, after breaking up with Yolanda, bailed Marci out of prison.

Later, at the MTV Awards ceremony on live national television, everyone was there, including Marci and Ben Field, Senator Spinkle with her son Chip, even Yolanda Quinones. Dr. S played his new hit called "In the Butt" as everyone was shocked and Yolanda laughed as it soon ruined S' new love interest Marci.

Yolanda appeared at the sub-committee hearing trail of Dr. S and Marci Feld. His new song "In the Butt" was but about love instead about sexual depravity and it has became a big misunderstanding but Senator Spinkle refused to listen.

Yolanda returned at Dr. S' new trail and Senator Spinkle who has changed due to a new Dr. S CD that has made her provocative and wild, finds him innocent and dismissed the trail.

After the trail was over, Yolanda later married the single bachelor Ben Feld and became Marci's new stepmother, thus was renamed to Yolanda Feld.

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