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The Yolkians are a group of egg-shaped aliens and are major antagonists of The 2001 Nickelodeon Film, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and minor antagonists of it TV Series.


after King Goobot saw Jimmy's Message, The Yolkians setted a course for earth planning on to abduct all of the parents so they can feed them to their Chicken Goddess, Poultra. Meanwhile Jimmy and his friends successfully found their parents inside of Goobot's Lair but They were caught by The Royal Guards and they took them to see King Goobot. by the time the sacrifice gets ready to start, Jimmy and his friends managed to get inside of the arena after Nick fought The Guards that were Guarding it.

in the Eggpire Strikes Back, The Yolkians seemed to act nice towards the Citizens of Retroville but have a plan on reviving Poultra.


The Yolkians are seen as the royal aliens of their leader, King Goobot.



  • Some Yolkians made a cameo appearance in The Special, The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour.
  • a Yolkian named Captain Spoor was originally going to be The Main Antagonist of The Original Movie but he was replaced by King Goobot
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