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Yolo is a minor antagonist in the US TV show Justified. He is a henchman of Nick Augustine who is sent to kidnap Drew Thompson. He was portrayed by Bobby Campo.


Yolo only appears in the Season Four episode "Decoy", in which he is seen in a bar with Augustine and fellow henchmen Ethan Picker and Mort. When Boyd Crowder enters, Yolo beats him up on Augustine's orders. Later in the episode, Yolo finds Constable Bob Sweeney and, realising he must have contacted Raylan Givens, the US marshal assigned to protecting Drew Thompson, a man who Augustine and Boyd are hunting, he attacks Sweeney, beating him down and dragging him inside to interrogate him. After a savage beating from Yolo, Sweeney plays dead, before stabbing Yolo and severing his femoral artery when he walks over to inspect his corpse. As Yolo bleeds out on the floor, he and Sweeney both begin struggling to get to Yolo's gun. As Raylan arrives, he hears a shot from the building and, rushing inside, finds Yolo lying dead next to Sweeney, although whether Sweeney shot him or the gun simply went off and Yolo bled to death is unknown.

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