What's it like to feel pain? Does it make you feel ALIVE?
~ Yomiel to Inspector Cabanela after breaking his legs.

Yomiel is the most present antagonist (in the last chapter protagonist) from the videogame Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. He is the ghost whose body the main protagonist Sissel mistakenly assumes to be his own.

Basic Information


Yomiel wears a red suit with a white tie. He has remarkably upright and pointed yellow hair and is wearing sunglasses.


During his time as a systems engeneer, Yomiel was very committed with his work, which he claimed to be an absolute expert at. However, the Temsik incident drove him insane and made him obssessed with a completely corrupted form of revenge, as he would cast the blame on everyone involved, even the completely innocent Lynne, because he couldn't acknowledge his own guilt.

Yomiel described his situation as a feeling of loneliness and despair, like "sinking slowly toward the bottom of an endless sea", which made him want others to suffer his pain. His desperate struggles to get revenge and a normal life made him ready to commit most horrifying deeds, while he also shows sadistic traits. However, after the betrayal he realized that his goal was nothing but a twisted wish driven by loneliness and would even have accepted to die for Lynne, when they travelled back in time.

Powers and Abilities

Due to the meteor fragment in Yomiel's body, he has special ghost powers, which surpass even Sissel's: While he is only able to manipulate objects and can possess them only over short distances, Yomiel can even control animals and human beings, dead or alive. Therefore he is able to manipulate almost everyone and everything he wants. He is also capable of teleporting through phone lines. However, unlike Sissel, he cannot turn back time on his own. Also, unlike Missile, he is unable to swap objects.

Yomiel is highly intelligent and has already much experience with his powers, so he is able to recognize other ghosts as soon as they use their powers, making it almost impossible to trick or outsmart him. He knows how to use guns and is able to prepare deadly and dangerous contraptions. Furthermore, he cannot be hurt, as his body is constantly regenerating himself, causing him to be immortal.



When Yomiel was a systems engineer he was accused of being a spy and was arrested by Inspector Cabanela. He was able to escape, but while being chased by Detective Jowd and taking a little girl named Lynne hostage, he was hit by a meteor fragment and died. Due to the radiation of the fragment inside his body he became a ghost with special powers and was able to possess and manipulate small objects and animals.

Later he could even manipulate his own dead body which was furthermore able to regenerate itself. Soon, he found out that his fiancée had commited suicide, which made him desperate, sad and angry. To get a normal life as a mortal and to get revenge on those responsible for his situation he allied Commander Sith, the leader of a criminal organization, who wanted the fragment in Yomiel's body.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Yomiel tried to kill Cabanela, to get Jowd executed for murdering his wife with a deadly trap that had been manipulated by Yomiel and to kill all others involved in the Temsik incident. The ghost Sissel, who, as it later turned out, was actually a cat former owned by Yomiel, saved Lynne, further tried to stop Yomiel in order to regain his lost memories and was able to save most of his victims.

After helping Sith, Yomiel was betrayed by the organization and was left in a sinking submarine after his body was stolen by them. He showed remorse for his deeds, as he had to join Sissel and his companions to escape. He helped them escaping the submarine by taking the form of a robot-like contraption. With his help they were also able to get to Yomiels body which they used to go back in time and create a new timeline where Yomiel has never died to begin with and was imprisoned instead.


It might make it hurt a little bit when I move you, though... Quite a little bit, actually.
~ Yomiel manipulating the injured Inspector Cabanela.
It's not for me. Nobody ever calls the dead.
~ Yomiel hearing a ringing telephone.
Excuse my appearance. I seem to have lost my body.
~ Yomiel introducing himself to Lynne in his robot form.
So I just simply existed, not really alive, and not really dead.
~ Yomiel
I was sealed in eternal darkness. I "existed" in this world, no question about that... But nobody noticed my presence. What good were my "powers"? They didn't help anybody. Not even the passage of time could heal my pain. In fact, it only made it worse. I wanted to disappear, but I wasn't even allowed to do that.
~ Yomiel describing his situation.
What I did is inexcusable. No matter how the future will change, that fact will never go away. If my fate is to die here... then I accept that.
~ Yomiel redeeming himself.
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