It's what we've been living since 1999 when we left the army of Mother Russia. Many of our comrades died in combat and we said: "To hell with this shit!".They died for what? Politics! Whose politics? Not ours! So we decided from now on to do what we want when we want! It's in their honor we call ourselves Anarchy 99.
~ Yorgi explains to Xander the origins of Anarchy 99

Yorgi is a russian anarchist and the leader of the terror group Anarchy 99 in the movie "xXx-Triple X" in which he serves as the main antagonist. He is portrayed by Marton Csokas who also plays Teddy.

In the movie

As his group Anarchy 99 is rumored to be in posession a biochemical weapon called "Silent Night" the NSA tries to infiltrate them, but their agent is exposed . Yuri who overwatching a Rammstein concert is called by his younger brother Kolya and gives the order to assassinate the mole. As their agent is killed, the NSA wants to send a different kind of agent to infiltrate Anarch 99, the extreme sportist and criminal Xander Cage. Cage, through the Czech agent Milan Sova, meets Yorgi at a party at a club in Prague and blows Sovas cover to gain Yorgis trust. Xander also that implies that he wants to buy stolen sports cars from Yogi who agrees. At the compound where Yorgi hides the cars the deal is interrupted by Sova who accidently breaks a window while following Xander. As Yorgi recognizes Sova from the club he and his men along Xander jump into the cars and pursue a fleeing Sova. To save Sova from Yorgi Xander fires a special projectile at him and it seems that Sova is dead. An impressed Yorgi asks Xander to join Anarchy 99. Later, Yorgi tells Xander that the group is named in honor of their fallen comrades, who died in the Second Chechen War in 1999.

Yorgi with Xander

Cage is invited to stay at the groups base, a castle outside of Prague. He is able to keep Yorgis trust until he is betrayed by Sova. When Xander meets in a cafe with Yorgis lover Yelena he tells her that he is a secret agent and that Sova isn't dead. Yelena too exposes herself as a russian agent but is then called by Kirill, the expert sniper of Anarchy 99 who was tasked to kill Xander. Kirill who is on a rooftop across the street wants Yelena to move out of the line of fire but she secretly warns Xander and he is able to flee. At night, Xander returns to the castle and sees Yorgi walking into a sealed cellar. Xander follows Yorgi and discovers a secret laboratory in which the re-engineering of the gas "Silent Night" has just been finished and a waterborne drone called "Ahab" is revealed. To tie up loose ends and to demonstrate the power of the gas to Yelena Yorgi gasses all the scientists who helped him.

After this, Yelena is ready to help Xander to kill Yorgi and to stop Anarchy 99. They trie to storm the castle and are able to kill many of Yorgis henchmen including his brother Victor but in the end are taken captive. When Yorgi prepares to execute both of them the caste is attacked by Czech special forces and Yorgi and his last remaining henchman Kirill are forced to flee. While Kirill provides him with cover Yorgi activates Ahab and leaves the castle on a motor boat. He is about to escape but Xander manages to shoot him with his gun, which makes Yorgi lose control about his boat and crash it into the rocks. Yorgi is killed in the explosion.

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