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Even if we can return, nothing good will come of it.
~ Yoshihisa Kira.

Yoshihisa Kira is a character in the Japanese anime/manga series Btooom!. He is the abusive father and killed victim of Kousuke Kira. Along with Soichi Natsume and Kousuke, they formed an alliance early on in the game. After subjecting Kousuke to years of child abuse, Yoshihisa was killed by him out of resentment.

He was voiced by Hisao Egawa in the Japanese version of the anime, and the late Christopher Ayres in the English version.


Yoshihisa Kira is an obese, middle-aged man. His face is particularly thick, sporting small, sunken-in eyes, a large chin, large lips, and heavy eyebrows. He has black, frizzy short hair. His attire is comprised of a plain black shirt, covered with a dark, unbuttoned shirt, and light pants. Like any other player, Yoshihisa has an IC chip implanted in his left hand and possesses a bandolier, which he wears on his waist.


In regards to his relationship with Kousuke, Yoshihisa is a very cruel, abusive, and neglectful father. He despises Kousuke and has occasionally subjected him to child abuse out of spite. He is also very egoistical and obnoxious, so he intimidates those around him as a means to obtain his goals. Even more so, he has been shown to be very negative and pessimistic, with little hope of escaping the island.


In the past, Yoshihisa has both sexually and physically abused Kousuke. At one point, while laying on the couch, he became irritated by his son skipping school to play Btooom! and beat him. His abusive behavior toward his son later on attributed toward Kōsuke's personality and criminal history.


  • Yoshishisa's breakdown before his demise.

    It is odd that he was never arrested for his abusive acts on Kousuke, even when Yoshihisa's own actions were revealed to have been the true reason of his son's criminal records. This implies that he might be a decent manipulator, as he was able to avoid responsibility for Kousuke's abuse, at least until Kousuke punished him instead by killing him with Implosion BIM.