Yoshino is an anti-heroine and a playable character from the video game Kessen III. A girl of common origin, she is infatuated with the main character Nobunaga Oda. She is based on two people: one is Nobunaga's concubine, Kitsuno, the other is a priest able to predict and read weather, which is said that Nobunaga relied on before his battle at Okehazama.

Role in game

She is found and introduced to Nobunaga by Tokichirö Kinoshita, one of his officers. She gains his trust by foretelling the rain that would fall in the Battle of Okehazama, what would help Nobunaga to be victorious. Then, she continues to foretell the weather prior to his climatic battles.

Soon after Mitsuhide Akechi joins the army, Yoshino spots him embracing Nobunaga's wife, Kichö, and suspects betrayal to the Oda Army. Because of her infatuation for Nobunaga, she disthrusts and dislikes Kichö, constantly offending and saying hints about her, and openly accuses her to some of Nobunaga's generals, whom don't believe her. After the stage Incident at Honnöji, she realizes her error in disthrusting Kichö and apologizes to her later in game. She stays with the Oda Army until the end of the game.

Voice Actors

  • Wendee Lee - English Voice
  • Akemi Saitö - Japanese Voice
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